A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

What a way to honour the May long weekend Sunday. A group of hikers from Moncton inquired if I could show them the way to Clarke Head. You know my answer to their question. Of course I will share this epic beach excursion!

As soon as we rounded the arch the sun burst through the clouds, the fog lifted from Two Islands and we all peeled off our jackets.

We accessed the beach from the Glooscap Campground. The new manager was welcoming and even suggested a quicker approach which we declined. With experienced hiker we wanted to explore the beach to our hearts’ content.

We found fossils, beach glass and sparkly rocks. We had so much fun that we set out to explore another beach before the tide rolled in. Watch for instalment 2 tomorrow.

Happy Long Weekend! Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

  1. Anna….I enjoy your posts immensely!
    I was in your Kantha class in London ON many years ago and have been following your exciting life ever since
    I live in Southern Ontario and many years ago travelled through your area of NS It sounds as if your have found a bit of heaven on earth
    Thank you for sharing
    Marlene Good

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Marlene! So glad you are following my escapades. I remember teaching the Kantha class in London. It wasn’t all that long ago when we consider that the last two years are non-existing in terms of travelling and teaching for me. I hope you are keeping well!


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