Partridge Island Beach Rocks

Ottawa House Beach is a popular destination for gentle walks. Earlier this week I arrived at a time when the tide was receding.

Glooscap Grandmother’s Cooking Pots we’re bubbling, seaweed and kelp adorned the pebbles along the high tide line. The basalt cliffs beckoned…

I headed in their direction and discovered a whole new beach… not one you would spread your towel on to relax but one where one might climb over boulders and search for crystals!

My pockets were weighing me down soon enough and my camera had a great workout!

Thanks for dropping by for your daily dose of Bay of Fundy photography! Wishing you a beautiful Thursday, Anna

Skeletal Remains

Just as the sun was slipping below the horizon a shape resembling a rib cage caught my eye from afar. I just had to investigate. The “rib cage” turned out to be a rusted culvert glowing in the light of the setting sun. Sometimes my imagination goes wild!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

My Sunday afternoon search for the sun…

…was somewhat successful. At the end the clouds parted and revealed tiny spots of blue!

These images are from down shore at Diligent River and Fox River. The capture with the red chair is titled “Is it Summer yet?”

Happy Monday, everyone! May the sun shine brightly wherever you are today. Best wishes, Anna

Visual Haiku Explained

Walking the pups one day last week I came across this visual haiku. What is a visual haiku you ask? In nature this is a great time to find them: the image is a fine example. The rose hip is from last autumn and close to it the green leaf bud is getting ready to unfurl anticipating spring. Two seasons captured in one image is considered a visual haiku.

Why not look around your environment when you head out for a walk and see if you spot two seasons in one.

Happy Sunday, Anna

Up Close Photography…

…is always a great way to explore the nitty gritty of a particular area. These images were made while exploring a park in Halifax. Finding subjects and topics for this type of photography is limitless! It has a name: Miksang. Miksang is Tibetan for “The Good Eye”. It is also referred to as Contemplative Photography. I am currently exploring the possibility to offer a class based on the principles of Contemplative Photography through the Parrsboro GeoPark Office. Stay tuned for details.

Happy Saturday, Anna

In and around the Dingle in Halifax

This historical landmark in Halifax has been on my tourist agenda for a while. Enjoy!

The rain held off which enabled us to take in the park and it’s views as well.

The walk along the water was particularly inviting with these great leading lines!

I look forward to returning here when the sun shines brightly and trees are in full leaf!

Happy Friday, Anna

And then it was Spring…

It felt as if from one day to the next buds are bursting and signs of spring advancing are everywhere! The local naturalist keeps careful records and according to his calendars plants are two weeks ahead of schedule in 2022. This is somewhat difficult to fathom as it has been a harsher than normal winter (we are told) but in the end I welcome Spring, even if it’s raining today.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Hope you are all enjoying some springlike conditions today! Best wishes, Anna

Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach

It was a blue sky kind-of-day when we left Parrsboro on Sunday noon. The closer we got to our destination the more clouds shrouded the sky. Grey sky is not something that deters me easily and as we arrived at the parking lot next to the Joggings Cliffs Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I realized that we would have the beach to ourselves! Love it when that happens!

This wasn’t my first Joggins beach exploration but it was the first time I experienced it at low tide. The waters of the Bay of Fundy were just about at the turning point and 90 minutes later when we were departing much of the sandy beach stretch I was about to walk on it was slowly being reclaimed by rushing water. It doesn’t take long for the scenery to change here!

Each side of the access staircase has unique geological features and the colours vary greatly! Images above this paragraph are from the left side of the stairs, all captures below were made when I turned right.

The wind was picking up but I was determined to look for the fossilized trees in the cliffs. I’ll burst your bubble of anticipation: I never found those trees… next time. What I discovered instead was a beach that warrants further exploration in the near future.

By the time I reached this impressive cliff face the wind was so strong I could no longer keep my phone straight, and climbing the rocks to see what was beyond turned into a short peek and back I went to the sandy, more sheltered area which was brimming with interesting offerings.

Heading back yo the car I silently marvelled at the rugged and ancient landscape that holds so many secrets yet to discover.

Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday, Anna

PS: Why do I call it THE Joggings? That’s what the locals in the area call it. Might as well follow their lead… makes us stick out less as “come-by-choicers”😜


The Joggins, NS at low tide

The weather changed from sunny to overcast with a brisk wind while we travelled to The Joggins Fossil Cliffs yesterday afternoon.

The reward for braving the wind was that we had the vast beach to ourselves. Here is a teaser photo for a longer post coming tomorrow!

Happy Monday! Anna


Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning

It was an exhale kind of moment when we arrived at one of the best kept secrets along the Bay of Fundy this morning. It always gives me such pleasure to bring new friends to this particular beach with its rich natural history and diverse geological formations.

Lori, my friend, was in awe as the beach spread out in front of us with unique sea stacks beckoning.

We managed to walk a total of ten kilometres and even took some time in a sheltered area to sip tea and water while listening to the waves lapping at the shore.

Phinney Beach is uniquely located between the Brookville rock formation and Spencer’s Island. I have visited this beach during all seasons and weather conditions. Today was a special day with blue sky and warm breezes!

Happy Saturday, friends! Best wishes for a glorious weekend, Anna

A Perfect Day…

…for a quick hike to Clarke Head before the tide rolls in!

Yesterday’s sunshine was very inviting. In fact, I decided first thing in the morning that Clarke Head was calling!

As always, there was a lot to take in and explore.

This stretch along the Parrsboro Shore in the Minas Basin is always hard to resist.

Once I pass the sea stack and catch a glimpse of the Two Islands I know the Clarke Head arch is not far off…

Thanks for tagging along for the third time in three weeks😜. It’s always a special excursion in my books.

Happy Thursday, Anna

Golden Light

It was a beautiful day yesterday, Easter Monday. We had appointments in Amherst all day and I missed my opportunity for a longer hike. Instead I carved out time for a sunset walk.

I am always in awe of Golden Hour, that time before the sun slips beyond the horizon. The light seems to paint everything with a special brush in the spring and fall.

Walking on the ocean floor during low tide becomes a spiritual experience…

…last evening was no different!

The moon rose quite late but it complemented the beach walk experience.

Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday. Best wishes, Anna

Grey Saturday Impressions

Partridge Island Beach was a busy place this afternoon… grey sky and strong winds cut our walk short.

Despite the gloomy mood it was good to get out. Hope your Saturday is sunny, Anna