A “new to me beach” to explore…

A grey afternoon threatening rain won’t keep us at home now that the temperatures are rising. My friend and I headed down shore toward Port Greville and decided to explore a beach we had not visited before.

Each stretch of rocky shore offers so much to explore. We walked along the high tide line with the tidal river far below separating us from the bank across from and overlooking the main beach.

There was so much on offer and my camera got a great workout once again! And just when you think you have run out of gravel beach you turn the corner and discover the adjoining salt marsh…

Enjoy Wednesday! Best wishes. Anna

Let’s Go to the Beach…

…and look for some driftwood, my friend said around lunchtime. Off we went, heading down shore toward Fox River.

“If we turn where the old school building is and access the beach there, we will find great pieces of wood…”. I am game, it’s only a short drive! And we were not disappointed!

We made some wonderful discoveries and returned with unexpected treasures. Best of all, the beach was ours to explore and the views of Cape Split never disappoint!

We had some rain, a little wind, sunshine and amazing clouds overhead! What a treat!

Happy Monday, everyone! Anna

Five Islands on a Moody Morning from Blue Sac Road Beach

Yesterday called for some beach time. The weather ended up less sunny than promised but I managed to inhale some sea air while exploring the views as the tide was nearing its lowest point.

Exploring the ocean floor, as it is exposed, and hunting for interesting tthings along the high tide mark make every beach visit unique.

May these contemplative images brighten your Sunday. Best wishes, Anna

The Crocus Report

Yesterday’s morning walk yielded a welcome surprise: one of my favourite harbingers of spring, a grouping of crocus!

What a difference a day makes: within 24 hours more crocus emerged and are beginning to unfold.

Happy Friday, all! Best wishes, Anna

Another visit to the Sugar Bush…

… before the sap turns sour, and just because it’s difficult to stay away from the intoxicating scent of boiling maple syrup!

Our friends were curious about the Fenwick Sugar Bush and since it was a fabulous spring day yesterday we went for an outing to Thompson’s and Ripley’s. It wasn’t busy at all, so we took part in collecting some sap which was rewarded with flakes of maple cream made that morning. What a treat!!

Ripley’s never disappoints: imagine the scent of maple syrup as you view the images of steam rising toward the rafters…

With the snow melting the forest shared some springtime changes as well.

Hope you enjoyed todays brief recap of another visit the Fenwick Sugar Bush.

Best wishes for a sweet Thursday, Anna

A sure sign of spring…

…while growing up in Bavaria was when a few cut branches of forsythia started to bloom indoors just before Easter.

I brought home such a branch about a week ago and was delighted today to find the tiny buds transformed with small yellow flowers bursting forth.

Coupled with the bright sunshine these small blooms enhance any day! Happy Wednesday, everyone. Anna

Sunday Outing…

By now you all know this unique landmark, the arch at Clarke Head. Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing our amazing beaches and geological formations with newcomers to the area! Last Sunday turned out to be a sunny day, ideal to walk to Clarke Head and back before the tide cut us off.

My walking partners truly enjoyed the excursion.

Enjoy your Tuesday, Anna.

Cochrane Road Beach in Port Greville

I can’t remember the last time I walked along this beach, and never I have I been here at high tide.

The waves were rushing toward us, the sound drowning out any bird sounds. The smell of the sea air, the sound of the waves hitting the shore and rushing back across the pebbles was mesmerizing. What a way to clear the cobwebs from the mind!

The narrow strip of beach held countless visual treasures and the pups had no trouble exploring the scents.

We are staying close to home today. One last snow event (at least I hope it’s the last one this spring) don’t invoke warm and fuzzy feelings about exploring the beach this April 4th.😜

Happy Monday. Best wishes, Anna

When the Fog Rolls in…

While walking to the beach yesterday I noticed the fog rolling in. With the mournful song of the fog horn accompanying the mist I could hardly wait to get to the pier.

What awaited me was a real treat for the senses. The fog seems to muffle the sounds, everything appears more quiet, almost like a filter. Even the gulls are quiet…

Here are a few of my captures from yesterday afternoon.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Saturday., Anna

Twelve Days Later Than Planned…

…but I finally made it to my monthly destination, Clarke Head.

It was a grey day, with rain in the forecast. A little rain was not going to deter my friend and I when we set out shortly after the tide turned yesterday afternoon.

The walk was wonderful and just what I yearned for. This beach is easy to navigate and the nearly 8 km return trip wasn’t too strenuous in the cooler weather conditions.

The vistas approaching and surrounding Clarke Head never disappoint! Let’s see if I can pick a day in April with bright sunshine…

Happy weekend, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

Sunset Beach Walk at Diligent River Beach

Oh how wonderful it felt to get to the beach at sunset last night! We brought along the pups and they had a grand time marking spots, sniffing out treasures and jumping over obstacles.

The sunset brought rich golds and oranges with the blue sky reflecting off the calm waters in the channel. There is truly something magical in observing the sunset.

Have a great Thursday, everyone! Anna

Blue Morning

The light is mysterious this morning. What is most welcome is the lack of snow today. Perfect conditions for the weekly walk I am about to lead under the auspices of NSWalks.

Enjoy your day, wherever you may live! Best wishes, Anna

High above Wasson’s Bluff

Saturday was a gorgeous spring day. We visited friends who overlook Two Islands. The views are always a treat.

Cape Blomidon in the distance…

It was great to connect with friends after another long winter mostly socially distancing.

…and some lovely garden finds.

Happy Monday, my friends!

First Beach Walk

The afternoon brought sunshine after the overnight rain. I made it to the beach for my first real post-surgery walk. Slowly gaining energy and strength. Grateful for our amazing beaches.

Hope your Sunday was filled with sunshine! Best wishes, Anna

A Short Excursion to Peggy’s Cove

Perhaps it’s not what the doctor ordered but it certainly was a nice change of scenery. With Colin’s long-awaited medical appointment in Halifax at the IWK we booked two nights at our favourite pet-friendly Best Western at Chocolate Lake from where the drive to Peggy’s Cove was just a short jaunt.

The weather was great, the wind manageable, and visitors few! It always feels great to get back to Peggy’s Cove, the ubiquitous Nova Scotia landmark.

Much of my time has been spent resting and getting my strength back. At home housework was calling and hard to ignore… this little mini-vacation was just right.

Happy Friday. Best wishes, Anna