Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Images and contemplative passages inspired by my Bay of Fundy and area explorations…

I am a visual artist who embraces contemplative photography and experimental writing to deepen my creative practice. My name is Anna Hergert. I make my home in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, my personal gateway to the Bay of Fundy, since late 2020. In June 2021 I began to build this website where I post on a daily basis.

Join me, an OCC (Outdoor Council of Canada) accredited four seasons field leader and certified Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark Ambassador as I explore and discover new vistas and gain deeper knowledge about this region. Enjoy and feel free to engage. Just clicking on the “like” button is also very much appreciated. Many thanks for your support.

I have been offering guided walks for photographers and beach explorers since May 2022. Not sure about the tides in the Bay of Fundy? Here is your opportunity to put worry aside and enjoy the beach while I organize and plan your personal excursion. Download and print a copy of the brochure below to find out more!


“(We) will not perish for want of information, but only for want of appreciation…What we lack is not a will to believe but a will to wonder… Reverence is one of (our) answers to the presence of mystery…”
Abraham Heschel

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34 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you so much, Alice. Love seeing your name on the list of followers. I have such fond memories of times together at QBL! Still haven’t made it to NY but now that I live a little closer perhaps the future will bring us together again in person, who knows.


  1. hi Anna enjoyed once again your beautiful post particularly enamoured of the beaches with the rocks and pebbles. … Thanks again for the inspirational pictures. Glad you are enjoying creating again and planning for the future. At my age my planning is basically a daily thing, one day at a time as they say.

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    1. Welcome, Marilyn! Glad you find inspiration in my musings… I have been creating all along. Perhaps I was less prolific than in the past but waiting for a house sale and move demanded my energy in other places. I am fully present now! Looking forward to your feedback along the way.


  2. Hi Anna, How could I not join in. Trees, Rocks and Water as well as your thoughts and inspiration. You are the reason I’ve continued to press on in this artistic journey. I’ll be watching for more. Love your photos.

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    1. Welcome to the new blog, Carol! So nice to see your name here. Yes, I definitely am surrounded by rocks, trees, more rocks and lots of water here! So glad you continue to be inspired by what I share. Thank you for your continued support! Anna


  3. You capture such beauty in your surroundings while exploring your new home, it is inspirational. I love seeing the new direction that your work has taken you in. I look forward to each new post!

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    1. Oh Tami, thank you so much for your comment. I am so happy you are enjoying the posts. It’s a different world here with so much to see and explore! Never a dull moment! Hope one day you are able to come and see for yourself!


  4. Thanks Anna for inviting me to this new blog – new for me because I hadn’t seen it before, having been down so many writing rabbit holes in the past few months. The meditative photography posts are an inspiring combination and I look forward to many more. Judith.

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  5. I am so glad for you, Colin, and the beautiful pups that every day is a Bay Day, and your safe and sound! I love your beautiful photo, Anna; very contemplative! Thank you for sharing.

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  6. I was planning a solo trip to the Bay of Fundy for rock picking for several months now. The more the preparation progressed the more I realized the complexity of the different geosites as well as the potential dangers related to high tides. Anna contacted me directly on a rock picking Facebook group and she offered to revise my route and to create a tides chart for me. She scheduled a Zoom with me where we were able to discuss my needs and expectations and make the first connection! From there she came back to me with suggestions in terms of site to visit that would be more aligned with my goals. In the end theses suggestions were the highlights of my trip and I feel so grateful she connected. Because of her, I came back home with the most beautiful and complete Bay of Fundy rocks collection. Anna knows all the best kept secrets of the Bay, she is fun to be around and in pretty good shape. She took into consideration all my needs, my physical limits and saved me a huge amount of time in showing me to the most beautiful « must go » places to find all the amethysts, agates, stilbite, chabazite and much more! Anna thanks for all the great pictures, for sharing your knowledge with me and for the fun time we spent together walking the ocean floor and cliffs you made me feel so safe and special !

    Annie-Claude St-Pierre, Montreal

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annie-Claude, you are most welcome! It was a real pleasure to help you navigate the places on your map. I can’t wait to welcome you back to our amazing region!


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