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Old Wife Formation looking toward Jurassic Fossil Cliff at Five Islands Provincial Park

Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers provides individualized tours (up to six participants) with a focus on exploring the ocean floor and/or photography during low tide. Download the brochure with pricing here. For additional information please contact Anna via email today or send a text to 1-306-631-8539. Tours are available on a first book – first serve basis, ultimately depending on tide times. Tidal times vary per location. Times provided in the calendar below are Parrsboro Tidal Station times.

Tours may be scheduled for times 2.5 hours after high tide until 2.5 hours after low tide. Please remember to reserve and book your personalized tour early to avoid disappointment!


JULY 2022
July 15 – low tide: 8:31 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 20:51 BOOKED
July 16 – low tide: 9:20 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 21:41 BOOKED
July 17 – low tide: 10:09 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) BOOKED
July 18 – low tide: 10:57
July 19 – low tide: 11:47
July 20 – low tide:12:39
July 21 – 28 – N/A
July 29 – low tide: 8 am & 20:13
July 30 – low tide: 8:38 & 20:52
July 31 – low tide: 9:16 & 21:32

August 1 – low tide: 9:54
August 2 – low tide: 10:35
August 3 – low tide: 11:19
August 4 – low tide: 12:06
August 5 – low tide: 12:58
August 6 – low tide: 13:56
August 7 – low tide: 14:57 – BOOKED (FULL DAY)
August 8 – low tide: 3:37 & 16:01
August 9 – low tide: 4:40 & 17:03
August 10 – low tide: 5:39 & 18:01
August 11 – low tide: 6:34 & 18:51
August 12 – low tide: 7:26 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 19:47
August 13 – low tide: 8:15 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 20:35
August 14 – low tide: 9:01 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 21:23
August 15 – low tide: 9:47 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour) & 22:09
August 16 – low tide: 10:33 (suitable for Meeting of the Waters tour)
August 17 – low tide: 11:19
August 18 – low tide: 12:06
August 19 – low tide: 12:57
August 20 – low tide: 13:51
August 21 – low tide: 14:50
August 22 – low tide: 3:30 & 15:51 – BOOKED
August 23 – low tide: 4:30 & 16:49 – BOOKED
August 24 – low tide: 5:24 & 17:41 – BOOKED
August 25 – low tide: 6:11 & 18:27
August 26 – low tide: 6:53 & 19:08
August 27 – low tide: 7:32 & 19:47
August 28 – low tide: TBA
August 29 – low tide: TBA
August 30 – low tide: TBA
August 31 – low tide: TBA


What to consider when planning your tour:
Please carry water and a small snack. Wearing a hat is recommended. Ensure your footwear is suitable for navigating beaches ranging from pebbles to rocks to fine sand. Additional details will be provided upon confirmation of the tour.
For the full experience of the Meeting of the Waters Tour please pack a pair of old runners (which will stay on when wet) or water shoes. The rocky ocean floor is covered with sharp barnacles! Rubber boots are not suitable for this excursion.

Feedback from Tour Participants:

I was planning a solo trip to the Bay of Fundy for rock picking for several months now. The more the preparation progressed the more I realized the complexity of the different geosites as well as the potential dangers related to high tides. Anna contacted me directly on a rock picking Facebook group and she offered to revise my route and to create a tides chart for me. She scheduled a Zoom with me where we were able to discuss my needs and expectations and make the first connection! From there she came back to me with suggestions in terms of site to visit that would be more aligned with my goals. In the end theses suggestions were the highlights of my trip and I feel so grateful she connected. Because of her, I came back home with the most beautiful and complete Bay of Fundy rocks collection. Anna knows all the best kept secrets of the Bay, she is fun to be around and in pretty good shape. She took into consideration all my needs, my physical limits and saved me a huge amount of time in showing me to the most beautiful « must go » places to find all the amethysts, agates, stilbite, chabazite and much more! Anna thanks for all the great pictures, for sharing your knowledge with me and for the fun time we spent together walking the ocean floor and cliffs you made me feel so safe and special !

Annie-Claude St-Pierre, Montreal

***** ***** *****

Thank you Anna, for showing me all the wonderful places in our area. I feel safe with you and your knowledge of the tides and how much time we have to enjoy the treasures you take us out too . Our visiting friends very much enjoyed the ocean walk floor at 5 islands and hearing the local history of the area. 
Your kind and easy-going nature make touring with you fun and comfortable. You certainly have an eye for beauty and detail! 

Lori Holtz, Parrsboro

***** ***** *****

“Thank you so much for showing me around the Parrsboro area recently. I really enjoyed the tour, your patience and knowledge about the area and its geology. I look forward to another adventure with you soon.”

A. S., Halifax, NS

***** ***** *****

(last updated July 14th, 2022)

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