Speechless at Sunset

We were winding down a belated birthday party for friends when the sky exploded with colour… on the way home I just had to swing by the Pier.

Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Enjoy, Anna


Early Autumn Colours

I was very relieved today: we were out running some everyday errands when I decided to check on a place where the fall colours took my breath away last year. I am happy to report: There is colour among the trees! The prediction that Fiona’s “visit” last week would curtail the annual colour show we have looked forward to all year was incorrect. It appears that we will get a lovely display very soon.

The ol’ oak tree outside our kitchen window and the setting sun put on a display close to home just as I was preparing dinner!

Stay tuned for gorgeous colours soon to be shared here! Have a great rest of the day, Anna


Sparkles and Clouds…

It’s a glorious and sunny day here in Parrsboro. I just took my bike out for a spin around town. A brief stop near the pier across from the lighthouse was well timed to capture the sparkle on the water and impressive cloud formations above Blomidon.

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy and best wishes, Anna


Quick Check In

Power was restored for most homes in Parrsboro late last night. We were so surprised and extremely grateful to the Nova Scotia Power restoration teams. Power means that freezers will keep the food supply safe for now.

Cell service is still quite spotty for us. I drove down to the pier to update this blog. Internet is down again after a brief reprieve last night.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to check in. We are grateful for the positive energy flowing to the Atlantic Provinces. Anna


Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

…Thanks for checking in today. I received numerous messages inquiring about our well-being.

Here is the short version of the situation in Parrsboro: We have had no power since midnight and no cell phone service in town. I finally found connectivity with my cell phone near the pier.

We weathered the storm without damage to us or our property. Overall there is a fair amount of damage throughout Parrsboro.

We were able to start our generator to keep the freezer cold and prevent food from spoiling. we are grateful the storm has moved on and we pray for everyone still in its path. There is sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. Let the clean up begin after a good night’s sleep.

Stay safe, everyone! Anna


Walking the beach while waiting…

…for Fiona.

I swung by the beach this afternoon expecting some wave action but the Bay was calm. The tide was on its way out and my attention was drawn to the well weathered driftwood near the protective berm. The lines and textures never disappoint and the grey of the sky appeared to be mirrored in the wood.

Let’s all hope that the weather is less forceful than what has been predicted. Batten down the hatches and take cover my fellow Atlantic Canadian friends! Best wishes, Anna


Memories of Grand Manan

We had a busy morning stowing away yard ornaments and furniture in anticipation of hurricane Fiona. This meant that a walk on the beach was not on the agenda. Instead I scrolled through some pictures I captured while visiting Grand Manan two weeks ago and in search of a beach to explore.

I loved making my way down to the parking lot passing through the converted buildings in the old fishing harbour. The beach was littered with glass, both aged and jagged, sharp bottle remnants. It was a glorious day with plenty of sunshine… but not much glass to bring home.

The sunshine I will dream about till the sky clears after the storm. Stay safe, Anna


The Bay Beckons…

Afternoon tea at Ottawa House to honour the Queen’s memory behind me I met up with my friend and headed to the beach.

Soothing sounds of waves and gulls soaring overhead provided the perfect backdrop to restore equilibrium.

May your Monday evening offer an opportunity to relax and reset, Anna


Even in the rain…

…a hike to Clarke Head with first time visitors to Parrsboro is the perfect Sunday morning excursion.

My friend and local B&B host sent a text first thing this morning to see if I had my day booked already. I was free. I checked the tide times and headed over to meet with visitors from Vancouver Island. We were soon on our way to Clarke Head, a Parrsboro destination that never disappoints!

Thanks for checking in today! Happy Sunday, everyone.


And suddenly it is autumn…

I know, I know… there are still a few days of summer left according to the calendar and yet, the light has definitely changed. Sunsets tend to bathe the forest across the river in rich gold tones and burgundies push greens from creeping vines. The apples are ripening and the days are much shorter.

All these facts moved onto focus today as I was leading a Contemplative Photography course at Ottawa House-by-the-Sea. There was great energy among the group and plans for this group that meets regularly were make.

All in all it was a wonderful day with likeminded people! Enjoy the rest of the weekend wherever you are. All the best, Anna


On the way to Cape Enrage, New Brunswick

I love surprises! On our way home from Grand Manan Island last week we travelled along the Fundy Coastline from Alma Beach to Moncton. We last visited Cape Enrage in 2008. And things have changed…

The beach prior to heading up to the lighthouse called to us to stop and explore. It was definitely worth taking this little side trip. Reviewing the images today evoke pleasant memories to ring in the weekend.

All the best for a relaxing weekend, wherever you are. Best wishes, Anna


The Heron

During my walk along Ottawa House Beach earlier this week I met the resident heron. It’s been some time since I sorted him. This time he wasn’t nearly as skidding as before.

I was able to approach to within fifty feet. It added joy to my day!

Wishing you all a happy Thursday. Best wishes, Anna


Slowly and very quietly…

…reminders that autumn is on its way are more visible with each day.

Hope your Tuesday is filled with colour! Best wishes, Anna


Contemplative Moments

In Contemplative Miksang photography we respond to the Flash of Perception, that moment where our attention is drawn to a particular composition in nature or the ordinary world.

These are, in some way, mini meditations: moments that drown out distractions like noise, or even the stunning landscape surrounding the “flash”.

Give it a try sometime! Walk quietly, alone, without anyone demanding attention and be ready to fill the frame of your camera with the subject matter that calls to be captured.

Happy Monday! May your week be filled with countless flashes of perception, Anna


From the other side of the Bay…

We are back at the Blacks Harbour ferry terminal to sail to Grand Manan. My exhibition closes at 6 pm. We will spend some time relaxing and enjoying this amazing sunshine before duty calls. Let’s see if we can find a nice beach…

Happy Friday. Hope everyone’s day is filled with sunshine. Best wishes, Anna



The invasive Japanese Knotweed is abuzz with bees and bumblebees before we get cooler weather. The green, lush bush is beautiful to look at but we forget about its destructive forces on the natural habitat.

Still, I delight in the lacy flower sprigs and leaves illuminated by the morning sun. Happy Thursday, Anna


Story with a happy ending…

These were the last images captured on my iPhone Sunday night…

It took a lot of courage (and waves lapping at my heels) to walk away from the beach on Sunday night with the tide rolling in. I had lost my phone and despite trying to retrace my steps I realized that chances were slim to none of ever seeing it again. High tide was at 7:40 p.m. Sunday night. I returned to the beach Monday morning at 8:3 a.m. before our departure for Halifax. When I saw how high the tide was I gave up all hope, took a deep breath and decided that I would never see the phone again.

When I logged on to the internet with my iPad at the hotel Monday afternoon I received amazing news! Someone had found my phone. And, due to her amazing sleuthing skills she was able to track me down despite the phone being locked.

I picked up my phone this afternoon, dropped off the promised reward and didn’t know what to expect. The red and black protective case looked unscathed, the phone still had some charge left and when I unlocked it messages kept pouring in. The camera is still working and all appears well. The phone runs a little too hot for my liking when I plug the charger in but a call to Apple support has taken away the worry. I am sending my iPhone 13 MaxPro in for a check up. Thank goodness for opting in on the AppleCare package at the time of purchase last November. The tech support person was amazed when he heard the story of the phone surviving two high tides.

I am posting this story with deep gratitude for everyone involved, especially the person who found the phone and my friend who picked it up for safe keeping till I got home from Halifax!

I hope your Wednesday has been filled with magic as well! Best wishes, Anna


The Little Green Crab…

…that could. Green crabs are invasive and steadily making their way north. In Newfoundland, the fisheries are looking into ways to maximize their potential by creating new and innovative dishes. With water temperature rising globally I have noticed more green crabs along the Fundy beaches this summer.

The image above was captured at Soley Cove during a low tide morning excursion. I am not sure if the crab survived the heat of the day. When we came upon her she was moving sideways swiftly toward water. (Say that three times really fast… ;-D )

Happy Labour Day Monday, Anna



I try to post new images each day but due to the loss of my phone in the might Bay of Fundy I no longer have access to the images I took recently. Stay tuned while I try to keep this blog going with some of my favourite images until I can secure a new phone. I realize I could just take a break from posting each day but this blog is part of my daily contemplative practice and I intend to keep it going during this challenging time.

Thanks for your patience, Anna



Labour Day weekend has always been a reminder that summer is slowly transitioning. This morning I was greeted by a chill in the air and I took note of how the sun’s path has gradually changed. I love autumnal light. It is softer and reveals certain details in nature we overlook during hot summer days.

This moss button has been there all along but this morning I took note of it because the light illuminated it’s crown perfectly.

Just a few steps away this berry stood out from all the others because the sun was able to find a path through the dense foliage.

I love autumn light for photography! Stay tuned for glorious East Coast colours to appear soon. The leaves are beginning to turn… Happy Saturday, Anna


The final resting place…

We came across this remote cemetery today. The afternoon was perfect and we couldn’t help but stop and explore.

The lichens called for a study up close…

…and the ancient tree cast shadows!

Happy Friday! Best wishes. Anna


Walking at Phinney Green at Low Tide

This beach never disappoints! We came upon a couple collecting dulse…

…but for the rest of the sunny walk we found ourselves alone, wading in the gentle waves lapping at the pebble beach.

Several industrious spiders were spinning furiously to repair their webs on the shady side of the large rock.

The view never disappoints! It is even more glorious on a bright and sunny day.

We live here… and gratitude radiates from these three little words. Enjoy your Thursday, I know I will. Best wishes, Anna


Japanese Knotweed…

This rather invasive plant lines roadways in and out of town. It is one of the first plants to send up edible shoots in the spring and it flowers throughout the summer

It is hardy, you can’t pull it, you can’t burn it. We learn to live with it! The bees and insects favour it. On a grey day the lacey flower sprigs delight and push away gloomy thoughts.

Happy Wednesday, Anna


Sunset Walk at Ottawa House Beach in Parrsboro

All summer long we gathered to walk the beaches at sunset, my walking group and I. Last night was the last evening walk for 2022. It was a perfect evening, concluded with a small bonfire with a most spectacular sunset as the backdrop.

Best wishes for a fabulous Tuesday, Anna


Backyard impressions…

I realized, taking time out is easy when you have a backyard overlooking a river that rises and falls with the tides. The geese were out for an afternoon float yesterday.

Wishing everyone a peaceful start to the week! Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! Anna


Tide Pool Observation

Tide pools on the Bay of Fundy are vastly different from those along other coast lines. The extreme high tides are tough on sea life and one has to look hard for small creatures moving about in shallow pools of water.

My favourite creatures to watch are tiny hermit crabs. Enjoy!

Happy Sunday, friends! Sending sunshine and good vibes, Anna


Forest Bathing

Following my beach walk last Tuesday I decided to look for mushrooms in the small stand of trees near home. Just as I locked the car and stepped onto the trail the heavens opened up… no use heading home: the rain was warm and I knew I would eventually dry off.

Chanterelles have not been abundant this year. It has been very dry! I came upon three sparse patches on Tuesday and picked just enough to fill one dehydrator tray.

I delighted in other sights washed clean by the rain, the bright green leaves contrasted by red berries and a spiderweb dotted with water droplets.

I am also learning more about inedible mushrooms like these Scaly Vases. They are impressive in size. Are often found near Chanterelles and are definitely not consumable!

And then there are the early signs of autumn… a lonely red maple leaf! Fall is just around the corner.

May your Thursday be filled with sunshine and summer activities. Best wishes, Anna


The Road Less Travelled…

Today we travelled in the opposite direction, away from the Fundy shore. Blueberry fields and forest presented themselves.

And for the first time ever we noticed this ancient sentinel standing guard in the middle of a blueberry field. The question begs: why have we never noticed this Hemlock before?

Sometimes it’s a good idea to travel against the grain. Happy Wednesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna


When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!

Photo Credit: Susan Bell Bollwerk

The day started a bit slow for me. But instead of sitting on the couch knitting the urge struck to get out, explore a beach and breathe in salty air!

My first destination choice is always Clarke Head. I messaged my friend to see if she would be interested and it was great to hear back right away. I picked Gaby and her companion Enya up and we were soon past the first keyhole rock and nearing the sea stacks. What a great surprise: we ran into the Fundy GeoPark staff who were taking the summer students on a last outing before they all return to their places of study.

And as we arrived at the Clarke Head arch the sky cleared and the sun sent warming rays….

Words cannot describe how this natural wonder affects me. No matter how often I return here, a sense of awe takes hold and calls for a moment of reflection.

The entire beach around Clarke Head arch is magical. Rocks sparkle in the sunshine and the colours of the water add to the magnificence of the area.

Time passes quickly. As we walked back to the car we encountered mist and the sky was changing to grey once more.

Three hours spent in great company hiking on the beach to one of my favourite destinations. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for tagging along. Hope your day was all you were hoping for, Anna


Sharing Beaches…


-I think I gave another Phinney’s Green Beach fan. Susan had never visited here before and she was smitten…

Let me take you sometime! Just say the word! I am always happy to share, Anna


Sunday Sunset Reflections

It was a colourful sunset tonight. The house smells heavenly… I am cooking up a triple batch of rhubarb butter, dehydrating another chanterelle find and am ready to get about seven pints of blueberries we foraged along the edge of a recently harvested field.

We are just getting into foraging mode. Last year the chanterelles were abundant… this year the dry conditions make the hunt for mushrooms a real challenge.

However, the wild blueberries are much larger and teasing the dark, plump berries from dense clusters makes it easy to fill a basket in record time.

The best part of driving remote gravel roads are the vistas we are rewarded with at the end of our “work”.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend to recharge for a busy week. Sending good energy your way, Anna


Blacks Habour & Grand Manan Impressions

To catch the ferry to Grand Manan one is required to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure, even with a reservation. We claimed our spot in line bright and early which left me with some time to explore the area around the ferry dock.

It had rained the night before and the sky was still a bit dreary. It wasn’t difficult to find inspiration for contemplative images.

It was soon time to board the ferry and we waved goodbye to the Blacks Harbour lighthouse. The light over the water was magnificent and the 90-minute sailing time flew by fast. About halfway we underwent the monthly emergency drill with a headcount of all passengers and two Zodiac rescue boats getting launched into the water to ride alongside the ferry for the rest of the trip.

The Grand Manan lighthouse guided the ferry around the headland and into the harbour where blue sky and sunshine had magically pushed away the grey clouds. The picturesque island beckoned.

The main reason for the trip was to drop off artwork for a solo exhibition at the Grand Manan Art Gallery. The show opens tomorrow, August 21st. Since exhibition openings are still not organized I did not take the time to stay. We had some time before we had to be at the ferry dock for the sailing to mainland New Brunswick. We discovered Castalia Marsh where we walked the beach at low tide.

Long Eddy Point Lighthouse was one of the destinations suggested to us where we might spot whales. We enjoyed the drive there and spending time on the viewing deck was memorable. But the whales eluded us.

Before we knew it we had to return to the ferry dock for boarding to sail back to Blacks Harbour. We had a long drive ahead and arrived home just before 9 pm with the setting sun.

I hope you enjoyed the travelog of our quick excursion to Grand Manan! Thanks for stopping by. Hope your Saturday was filled with sunshine and peace. Best wishes, Anna



…for the morning ferry to Grand Manan Island off the New Brunswick Coast at the mouth of the Fay of Fundy .

I know… the image for today is less than inspiring. Let it be my promise to you to share better photos and a report tomorrow.

Happy Friday, Anna


No Better Place to Regenerate…

…than the ocean floor teeming with life at low tide!

In need of some alone time after several days of interacting with larger groups I set out to Wasson’s Bluff in search of tranquility.

I found it! I experienced the last Meeting of the Waters for this full moon cycle and I am ready to tackle the next commitment on my schedule.

Tuesday Blessings to all, Anna


The Meeting of the Water…

Around each full moon we have the opportunity to experience the meeting of the waters soon after the tide turns. I try to get out at least once a month during the summer to stand at the meeting point and experience the Bay of Fundy waters swirling and rising around my feet!

Book your guided tour for September now! By October the water will be too cold. best wishes, Anna


Not Since Moses…

It’s back!!! After two years of cancellations the annual run between Soley’s Cove and Five Islands is back! “Not Since Moses” 5 k 8 km Fun Runs took place earlier today. The call to volunteer went out to the Fundy GeoPark Seniors last month. We joined the GeoPark geologist Caleb Grant on Friday as well as Summer Student GeoPark Seniors Coordinator Cassie Mollins for the pre-run orientation st 8 a.m. today. Our official mission: keeping the protected areas of the endangered Mud Piddock Clams out of bounds for the runners.

Our positions across from Moose Island revealed eye-catching subjects while I waited for the runners to pass us.

At my back a personal favourite landmark first encountered in 2018 while camping at Five Islands Provincial Park: The Old Wife Rock and Old Wife Formation never disappoint! The rain intensified about half way through the race but watching runners pass and cheering them on took my mind off the liquid sunshine.

It was a rainy morning well spent doing our part to protect the humble Mud Piddock. The clouds are getting lighter! Sunday Blessings, Anna


Island in the Mist…

The goal was to get up early to time our circumnavigation of Partridge Island just so. The end result was that neither Adrienne nor I are into holding on to ropes while slithering over seaweed covered rocks. We walked to the rock outcropping from each side instead (and called it “goal accomplished) while experiencing some amazing sights. As the sun rose in the east and warmed up the air mist accumulated and enveloped Partridge Island. It was a beautiful sight!

Once we made our way through the rocky gateway a beautiful expansive beach opened before us! It was such a great reward for clambering over slippery basalt rocks!

What a way to start the weekend! May you enjoy your mid-August weekend wherever you are, Anna


Low Tide Soley’s Cove Excursion, Day 2

The weather was much better today when I left the house at 6:15 a.m. to take full advantage of another ocean floor walk at Soley’s Cove.

The sky was constantly changing despite a lack of wind. It was such a wonderful walk with a friend. Conversation flowed easily as we walked across the firm sand watching for snails and green crabs seeking refuge in shallow puddles.

We explored several coves and their environments, each presenting its own unique mood.

It’s never easy deciding when the time comes to turn back so one does not get surprised by the incoming tide. We had headed out very early and by the time we returned to our starting point the clam harvesters had disappeared from the beach and the tide had turned to slowly cover the mudflats once again with salt water.

Happy Friday, everyone! The weekend will be busy with exploring new territory for hiking and volunteering for the Not Since Moses Run at Five Islands. The Fundy Shore never lacks interest. Stay tuned for new images and reports soon. Best wishes, Anna