Cape Chignecto Provincial Park – Instalment 3: Epic Vistas… Too Many to Count!

Rejuvenated by a restful night adjacent to the running water at Big Bald Rock Camp Sites the trek continued Sunday morning. Past the bridge we immediately came across a large boggy section that took skill in navigating to ensure relatively dry boots.

I classify Day Three of our hike the one with the most magnificent views. Experiencing these views is a privilege that comes with a price: navigating a most challenging trail! There were up and downhill scrambles over loose rocks with tree roots to hold onto for balance. I tried to not make myself think about that if a root was too weak to hold me and my pack what the consequences might be. There were sections where all I could do is take the next step and not look ahead or back for fear I might lose my balance. Gaby said it best when she reminded us that it was not just about one’s physical stamina but that being mentally alert was just as taxing while negotiating large boggy sections, scattered rocks or narrow logs to negotiate across a running stream or simply finding the appropriate root on a steep section of trail where we could firmly plant our boot before advancing.

The rewards for each challenge are immense! Around every bend, atop every steep trail section and between clusters of trees there was the mighty Bay of Fundy with rugged beaches, unique geological formations and bright sunshine.

Isle Haute was in our view all morning on Sunday. Once we arrived at Cape Chignecto Point it presented itself in all its glory, unobstructed and mysterious.

Lunch became an almost sacred affair…

But as they saying goes, no rest for the wicked! We had our goal set to reach Refugee Cove. Soon we were treated to more fabulous views. Before I share these views I also need to share images of some of the terrain we negotiated along the way thus far.

The park opens for the season officially on the May long weekend. When we headed out the work crew had not started to clear trails of deadfall and there were countless situations where we needed to walk around and over fallen trees. My short legs are a definite disadvantage. Enough about the tough terrain, back to more coastline images.

We arrived at Refugee Cove at high tide, a sight I had not enjoyed previously. Somewhere along the trail we had made the decision not to pitch our tents here as the weather forecast we last heard before our departure called for rain during the night and the next day. So, we pushed on leaving the tranquility of Refugee Cove and Ol’ Sal behind. it was also time to refill our water reservoirs.., when I discovered that I had lost my titration system somewhere between our lunch stop and the fill site at Refugee Cove. Another good reason to hike with friends… Brian was able to offer his titration system so I could at least fill my back up bottle with clear and cool life-sustaining water!

And just because we can, we climbed another steep rise. We were all familiar with this next stretch and were grateful not to be ascending during cold weather or first thing in the morning!

We pushed on to Arch Gulch Cabin where we set up for our last night. We made ourselves at home on the deck overlooking Advocate Harbour and Cape d’Or. what a view to enjoy as night fell.

After hiking another 13 km we were asleep early and fast. The strong evening wind off the water below made the protective tarp flap but we soon entered dreamland.

This has been a long post. I will take a break here and finish up the Cape Chignecto hike report tomorrow. Wishing everyone a fantastic rest of the day, Anna

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