Special Date and Event

What are YOU doing on December 21st, otherwise known as Winter Solstice? I am planning a special sunset hike to Clarke Head at low tide. Here is the preliminary information: This information is also found on the tour info page on this website. Contact me for additional details of to register <annahergert@me.com> Looking forward toContinue reading “Special Date and Event”

Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…

The glorious sunrise promised a fabulous day ahead. A visitor to our town was interested in a little excursion, so we spent the morning exploring beaches and vistas! Strangers when we met, friends as we part tonight! What a way to spend November 29th. Can’t get enough of the sunshine! Hope everyone’s Tuesday was asContinue reading “Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…”

Weekend Excursion to the Mahone Bay Area

It was a blustery day yesterday, the weather app labelled it “breezy”. Mahone Bay is always a sight to behold. I will be attending the Winter leadership module offered by the Outdoor Council of Canada here today. Next we scouted the location of the workshop, then found our accommodation in Bridgewater followed by a lovelyContinue reading “Weekend Excursion to the Mahone Bay Area”

A Windy but Productive Day

We woke up to -2 C this morning… and a stiff wind was blowing. But nothing deters us when we have committed to a beach clean up. Our friend Heather had organized this event and as good friends we didn’t want to leave her hanging. We braved the cold (at least -10 C with theContinue reading “A Windy but Productive Day”

A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

Two years ago we explored this area for the first time. It was our first day out of quarantine (remember those days?). We donned our masks and drove down shore to see what the Fundyshore has to offer. The image above was taken this morning while reflecting on our great life here for the pastContinue reading “A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…”

Wards Falls Autumn Hike

…a.k.a. “The Path of 16 Bridges”. The last time I hiked these woods I had just arrived in Nova Scotia. It was November 2020 and the most amazing ice imagery created by the frozen brook pulled us along across the bridges and toward the waterfall. Yesterday I was part of a group of hikers invitedContinue reading “Wards Falls Autumn Hike”

Marsh Bubbles…

The marsh near Partridge Island sits on top of ancient basalt beds. With each tide cycle we witness tiny bubbles emerging from the porous rocks. Ancient indigenous legends tell us that the spots where the water bubbles are Glooscap’s Grandmother’s Cooking Pots. No matter how often I witness this phenomenon I never grow tired ofContinue reading “Marsh Bubbles…”

Story with a happy ending…

These were the last images captured on my iPhone Sunday night… It took a lot of courage (and waves lapping at my heels) to walk away from the beach on Sunday night with the tide rolling in. I had lost my phone and despite trying to retrace my steps I realized that chances were slimContinue reading “Story with a happy ending…”

Not Since Moses…

It’s back!!! After two years of cancellations the annual run between Soley’s Cove and Five Islands is back! “Not Since Moses” 5 k 8 km Fun Runs took place earlier today. The call to volunteer went out to the Fundy GeoPark Seniors last month. We joined the GeoPark geologist Caleb Grant on Friday as wellContinue reading “Not Since Moses…”

Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or

I had the pleasure of leading a bus tour with 26 participants down shore yesterday. Our first destination was West Advocate where the Red Rocks beckoned. The group even spotted a seal close to shore in the waters of the outgoing tide. The landscape was shrouded in mist for most of the day. As weContinue reading “Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or”

This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!

It was only a matter of time until I needed to learn more about the rocks and minerals lining the Bay of Fundy shore. The Rocks & Gems publication from the Smithsonian Institute is packed with geological info from the creation of the earth’s crust to rocks, minerals and fossils around the world. It isContinue reading “This Rock Hound is Getting Serious!!”

Sharing the Experience!

As newcomers to the Parrsboro Shore you know that you belong once you have experienced the “Meeting of the Waters” at Two Islands around the full moon. Another new member to the community reached out last week to find out more about hiking and exploring the beaches. I decided to share the ultimate experience withContinue reading “Sharing the Experience!”

Random Impressions…

My days are filled with amazing sights. Sometimes my attention span feels challenged with so many note-worthy impressions. For today I just want to share some random images. Hope you enjoy the offering, Anna Please click on individual images to fully appreciate the subject matter.

Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Last week I upgraded my blog to include video clips. It’s only fitting that I start sharing some moving pictures. I have chosen two clips: the top video was captured from the look off at Five Island Lighthouse Park on Saturday, June 25th around low tide. The video below was captured from approximately the sameContinue reading “Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia”

Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park

It is no secret that the Bay of Fundy holds a great many treasures and ancient information. Five Islands Provincial Park provides us with a “measure in time” where we can examine a fault line that intersects the Jurassic and the Triassic time periods reaching back 200 million years. Guiding a group of friends fromContinue reading “Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park”

Dulsing Time is Here!

The first dulse harvest of the year is happening! Last year I was so new to this practice that I missed a few points but on the fourth try I felt comfortable…. It’s a busy time and our friend Patrick always invited a big group along. So I decided to head out an hour earlyContinue reading “Dulsing Time is Here!”

Trip to the Sugar Bush

A year ago we had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on a visit to the sugar bush near Fenwick, between Amherst and Springhill. This year we ventured out on our own. We had this excursion on our calendar for a few weeks hoping to bring along friends but our schedules never seemedContinue reading “Trip to the Sugar Bush”

Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…

…as part of the Fundy Shore Winter Carnival. The Fundy Shore Winter Carnival kicked off last Thursday. The event I was most interested in was the tour jointly organized by the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum. It was advertised as the Highland Tour exploring the area surrounding That Dutchman Cheese Farm in Economy. AllContinue reading “Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…”