Forest Bathing at Wards Falls

The forest and waterfall were calling today… Wards Falls is always a great destination. My focus today was on contrasting and comparing the various stages of wildflowers and emergence of foliage. The woodland trail was almost dried up reminding us of how much we need moisture to keep wildfires at bay. This will be theContinue reading “Forest Bathing at Wards Falls”

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Coastal Trail – Final Section

Monday morning arrived with soft light and no rain. Breakfast was the quickest affair yet and with no tents to air or dry out we were back on the trail shortly after 7:30 am. 8 km to go… the finish line was so close! With positive energy we forged ahead fully aware of the oneContinue reading “Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Coastal Trail – Final Section”

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park – Instalment 3: Epic Vistas… Too Many to Count!

Rejuvenated by a restful night adjacent to the running water at Big Bald Rock Camp Sites the trek continued Sunday morning. Past the bridge we immediately came across a large boggy section that took skill in navigating to ensure relatively dry boots. I classify Day Three of our hike the one with the most magnificentContinue reading “Cape Chignecto Provincial Park – Instalment 3: Epic Vistas… Too Many to Count!”

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Hike – Instalment 2

After 15 km of ascends and descents through springtime woodlands on Friday and a chilly night below the full moon, we woke up early to frost-kissed leaves. Brian estimated that it got to -3 to -5C. I believe it… the way the cold kept creeping up from my lower back to my shoulders was annoying.Continue reading “Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Hike – Instalment 2”

Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1

When you wake up one morning in February thinking you should circumnavigate Cape Chignecto you either shake your head and ignore the silly thought or you start conditioning. I first found myself a hiking partner with Cape Chignecto experience and then started training. Each journey starts with a single step and the preparation for meContinue reading “Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1”

Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

Getting home was equally exciting… Ash had her puppies early this morning! She is an awesome mom! A proper hike report (in instalments) is forthcoming. I am sorting and editing images and preparing a detailed report. Thank you for your interest in achieving this very personal goal of mine! I made it, shoulders are aContinue reading “Definitely NO Walk in the Park…”

Still Hiking: Refugee Cove Review

Assuming our hike continues on schedule we are overnighting close to this scenic setting, the sea-stack referred to as Ol’ Sal. This is our last night on the trail. The last leg of the hike starts tomorrow morning and takes us up 500 meters, the second highest cliff along this coastal stretch. A good night’sContinue reading “Still Hiking: Refugee Cove Review”

Coastal Views From Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Assuming all went well my friends and I have set up camp somewhere near Little Bald or Big Bald by now, fixing our second dinner and looking forward to a restful night without chilly toes😊. The images I share tonight are all from Cape Chignecto captured during our April day-hike to Refugee Cove. Happy weekendContinue reading “Coastal Views From Cape Chignecto Provincial Park”

McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto

Hello from the trail, I am sharing a few landmark sights from Cape Chignecto Provincial Park over the next few days. As you view this post I will have passed by this brook and falls on our first leg of a four day back country hike. By the time this post goes live my friendsContinue reading “McGahey Brook, Cape Chignecto”

Into The Grey..

The weather report called for rain and we almost called off our weekly hike. I am so glad we threw caution to the wind and headed to West Advocate. Gray is beautiful… especially when contrasted against Red Rocks! Happy Wednesday, Anna

He has seen better days…

… I stumbled upon this painted shell far from the shore! Put a smile on our faces while sharing the view over Wards Falls this weekend! Happy Monday, Anna

Woodland Discoveries

We ventured back to Wards Falls today. Our primary reason was for conditioning, the goal we set was to complete the trail twice with our full packs. The total distance we estimated was somewhere around 14 km. We built in brief rests overlooking the falls each time and had lunch at the car after completingContinue reading “Woodland Discoveries”

When in Truro…

…make time to head over to Victoria Park. The parking lot is accessed via Part Street and there is plenty of space including many shaded spots. My friend Gaby and I had some time to spare and she offered to show me around this popular destination. I had read about the extensive damage left byContinue reading “When in Truro…”

Spring Cheer

It was a bit gray in Parrsboro today but signs of flowers and leaves budding are everywhere. My heart is full tonight! Thank you NSWalks for nominating me as one of the community volunteers contributing to life in Cumberland County. I just returned home from an evening of celebration, meeting other volunteers and shaking handsContinue reading “Spring Cheer”

Canine Companion Hike in Wentworth Station

I ventured a little further afield today. My friend and hiking buddy is house and pet sitting in Wentworth Station, a 1hr15min drive from Parrsboro. We decided to keep it simple and explore the forest trail to the look-off near her home away from home. It was a great excursion through the woods. Snow wasContinue reading “Canine Companion Hike in Wentworth Station”

Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends

It’s been a fabulous day here! One highlight was our personal “dance” lesson with “The Mistress of the Bay”, the mighty Bay of Fundy Tide. We set out about 45 minutes after low tide and experienced this beach a little different. None of us are slow walkers but we witnessed the water getting close toContinue reading “Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends”

Thomas Cove Headlands Loop

Let’s continue where we left off yesterday. I reported on the Thomas Cove GeoSite in my previous post. Today i will provide some o sights on the Thomas Cove Headlands Trail Loop. The site map claims this loop to be 4 km in length. Our small group set a moderate pace and spent over twoContinue reading “Thomas Cove Headlands Loop”

Thomes Cove Cliffs of Fundy Geo Site Excursion

Thomas Cove in Economy, NS is located not far from the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark Welcome Centre. The turn off along Hwy 209 is well signed. The gravel road leading to the parking lot is relatively well maintained. The parking lot is spacious and two trails lead to two different trail experiences. I will coverContinue reading “Thomes Cove Cliffs of Fundy Geo Site Excursion”


It’s been a very wet and chilly day. I have a hike planned for tomorrow… my friends and are heading back to Cape d’Or. I am hopeful the weather will be as inviting as in the image above, captured on March 17th. The rain today was perfect for packing my knapsack and for creating aContinue reading “Anticipation…”

Hike Before the Storm…

A year ago this weekend I had to forego a planned hike as I had just been released from the hospital following an emergency appendectomy. I was pretty disappointed that I had to miss out on exploring one beach I had not scouted yet. Imagine how excited I was when an invitation for the sameContinue reading “Hike Before the Storm…”