And we’re off! Parrsboro’s Walking Group is now active!

After a glorious, sunny day yesterday we witnessed icicles melting from rooftops…

…but we woke up to four inches of fluffy snow today. Messages and emails arrived from 7:30 onward to ask if the walk was still taking place. I am not one to shirk commitments and since I had no idea who might just drop by to check out the group I thought I’d better not stay home.

Part of the NSWalks Leader’s responsibility is to scout the route and fill in an assessment sheet. I had walked the route yesterday and the road was bare. This morning I decided to check the route once again. I left home at 9 am and was pleasantly surprised that the sidewalks had been cleared. There was no ice build up which made the decision to follow through on the walk easy.

I had heard from 15 potential participants by Tuesday afternoon… 5 committed walkers showed up! I am so proud of today’s walkers. These women and men show such commitment and enthusiasm. I am confident that the group will grow once the snow melts away. Thanks to all who ventured out this morning despite school closures and late openings for some local businesses.

If you live close to Parrsboro and would like to check us out, drop by the Bandstand on Wednesday mornings at 10 am and join in.

Looking forward to meeting you, Anna

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