A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

What a way to honour the May long weekend Sunday. A group of hikers from Moncton inquired if I could show them the way to Clarke Head. You know my answer to their question. Of course I will share this epic beach excursion! As soon as we rounded the arch the sun burst through theContinue reading “A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!”

Springtime Impressions

After a day of mist and rain the trees are coming into full leaf. Flowering shrubs are lining the road and during my after dinner walk I noticed lovely floral scents in the air. Spring is in full swing and the rain is ridding the world of dust presenting us bright colours. Happy Tuesday, Amna

Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…

…”I don’t think you can do that…” was the answer to my question shortly after we arrived in late 2020. I had inquired with the walking group I belonged to at the time. It’s taken me nearly 18 months to prove to myself that crossing the mudflats is definitely an option. I arrived at Wasson’sContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…”

Partridge Island Beach Rocks

Ottawa House Beach is a popular destination for gentle walks. Earlier this week I arrived at a time when the tide was receding. Glooscap Grandmother’s Cooking Pots we’re bubbling, seaweed and kelp adorned the pebbles along the high tide line. The basalt cliffs beckoned… I headed in their direction and discovered a whole new beach…Continue reading “Partridge Island Beach Rocks”

Skeletal Remains

Just as the sun was slipping below the horizon a shape resembling a rib cage caught my eye from afar. I just had to investigate. The “rib cage” turned out to be a rusted culvert glowing in the light of the setting sun. Sometimes my imagination goes wild! Happy Wednesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

Visual Haiku Explained

Walking the pups one day last week I came across this visual haiku. What is a visual haiku you ask? In nature this is a great time to find them: the image is a fine example. The rose hip is from last autumn and close to it the green leaf bud is getting ready toContinue reading “Visual Haiku Explained”

Up Close Photography…

…is always a great way to explore the nitty gritty of a particular area. These images were made while exploring a park in Halifax. Finding subjects and topics for this type of photography is limitless! It has a name: Miksang. Miksang is Tibetan for “The Good Eye”. It is also referred to as Contemplative Photography.Continue reading “Up Close Photography…”

And then it was Spring…

It felt as if from one day to the next buds are bursting and signs of spring advancing are everywhere! The local naturalist keeps careful records and according to his calendars plants are two weeks ahead of schedule in 2022. This is somewhat difficult to fathom as it has been a harsher than normal winterContinue reading “And then it was Spring…”

A Perfect Day…

…for a quick hike to Clarke Head before the tide rolls in! Yesterday’s sunshine was very inviting. In fact, I decided first thing in the morning that Clarke Head was calling! As always, there was a lot to take in and explore. This stretch along the Parrsboro Shore in the Minas Basin is always hardContinue reading “A Perfect Day…”

Golden Light

It was a beautiful day yesterday, Easter Monday. We had appointments in Amherst all day and I missed my opportunity for a longer hike. Instead I carved out time for a sunset walk. I am always in awe of Golden Hour, that time before the sun slips beyond the horizon. The light seems to paintContinue reading “Golden Light”

Grey Saturday Impressions

Partridge Island Beach was a busy place this afternoon… grey sky and strong winds cut our walk short. Despite the gloomy mood it was good to get out. Hope your Saturday is sunny, Anna