Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?

The Upper Bay of Fundy Shore line must top your bucket list! The varied coast line within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark is one of the most diverse areas to explore. Each beach offers walkable terrain and captivating subject matter. The images here are of the Clarke Head guided tour on offer through Tide RollersContinue reading “Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?”

Forest Bathing at Wards Falls

The forest and waterfall were calling today… Wards Falls is always a great destination. My focus today was on contrasting and comparing the various stages of wildflowers and emergence of foliage. The woodland trail was almost dried up reminding us of how much we need moisture to keep wildfires at bay. This will be theContinue reading “Forest Bathing at Wards Falls”

Clarke Head in rain and as the sun breaks through the clouds…

The beach is always more impressive with dramatic skies! Despite the cloud cover the views were impressive with Cape Split clearly visible. Just as we arrived at Clarke Head arch the clouds burst and we were doused with rain and hail. The moisture intensified the colours of the cliffs and beach rocks even more! AndContinue reading “Clarke Head in rain and as the sun breaks through the clouds…”

Wards Falls Springtime Hike

With the sun out we decided to try a short hike with our full packs. Gaby and I each carried just over 30 lbs to see how we manage. The trail was virtually deserted, sunlight illuminated our surroundings adding springtime magic. Small waterfalls were rushing toward the stream. Soon we spotted the 16th bridge andContinue reading “Wards Falls Springtime Hike”

Parrsboro has so much to offer…

QR codes are back!!! It’s hip to use your QR code reader on your smartphone. Our local promotional board has all services and experiences conveniently grouped together on one giant poster near the Bandstand! Yes, Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers is represented with ocean-floor and woodland hikes. And, drumroll please… we have some additional great news:Continue reading “Parrsboro has so much to offer…”


There is a hidden private staircase leading to the beach near the “Old Man” sea stack close to Clarke Head. To get prepared for a multi-day backpacking excursion I have decided to use these 176 steps to optimize my cardio fitness. These images are from last night. I climbed the stairs twice… I am haulingContinue reading “Conditioning…”


Walking across Two Islands Bridge today as the water rushed from the Aboiteau into the inner harbour… make sure you turn up your volume! Love the foamed surface and blue sky overhead. Check back tomorrow when I post images of another beach excursion. Heading to Spencer’s Island tomorrow afternoon as the tide goes out. SeeContinue reading “Forceful…”

Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!

It was a little breezy today… check out the second image above. In fact it was so windy that no matter how we leaned into the wind we remained upright! 😊 Our destination this afternoon was the back beach of Partridge Island. But my suspicion came true: the low tide level was just not lowContinue reading “Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!”

Rock Hound Excursion: Day 2

What’s great about a return client is that she let me know which beaches she wanted to revisit. We started the day off with Horseshoe Cove, a favourite for collectors of Jasper. On the way home we stopped off at Wards Brook Beach. We timed it perfectly with the tide rolling in. Our brisk walkContinue reading “Rock Hound Excursion: Day 2”

First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“

We met via Facebook last year: a prospective visitor the Parrsboro Shore looking for a guide to navigate the highest tides in the world! The official listed businesses she contacted didn’t respond, some FB comments suggested she better not plan on coming if she didn’t understand the tides… I sent a private Message and offeredContinue reading “First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“”

Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends

It’s been a fabulous day here! One highlight was our personal “dance” lesson with “The Mistress of the Bay”, the mighty Bay of Fundy Tide. We set out about 45 minutes after low tide and experienced this beach a little different. None of us are slow walkers but we witnessed the water getting close toContinue reading “Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends”


…Mother Nature sent a message to remind us to stay humble. Snow and freezing rain created fleeting jewels on tree branches and beach treasures. The ice crust and icicles didn’t last long after I captured them in photos. Friday blessings Anna

Clarke Head Afternoon Hike

It was a quiet, contemplative excursion to Clarke Head this afternoon. We spent time examining rocks, discovering pyrite, admiring more sparkle on the water, walking among seaweed covered rocks and soaking in the spring breeze. Happy Monday! Best wishes for a productive week, Anna


We were fooled into believing that Old Man Winter had finally moved on yesterday! The water in the Aboiteau was so calm, the reflections clear. This was the view during our Wednesday morning walk… …here is a close up of reflections and shoreline. I will spare you an image of the swirling snow flakes fromContinue reading “Parrsboro…”

Blue Sac Road Beach Excursion

About 20 km from Parrsboro toward Five Islands the turnoff onto Blu Sac Road cannot be overlooked. It leads to a fantastic beach offering a panoramic view of the Five Islands, one of the best kept secrets around! I took my Wednesday afternoon hiking group to this beach today. The weather was perfect, the tideContinue reading “Blue Sac Road Beach Excursion”