Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM

The Wednesday afternoon Parrsboro hiking group was small today. We set out in conditions fluctuating between rain and snow. The weather did not know which way to swing which presented us with sticky snow conditions on the trail. It was quite different from the winter wonderland we experienced last Friday. The ice was rapidly meltingContinue reading “Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM”

Happy First Anniversary to NSWalks Parrsboro!

Only one year ago I initiated a brand-new programme for our little Nova Scotia town. Parrsboro joined the NSWalks communities. Today we celebrated in style! We kicked off a new early morning walking programme with Chris as the leader in addition to the 10 am programme I lead. The Cliffs of Fundy Geopark Office wasContinue reading “Happy First Anniversary to NSWalks Parrsboro!”

When the tide is really really high…

…it’s usually best to avoid the beaches! There is one beach in Port Greville I feel confident where a rogue wave will not sweep me into the sea. That’s where I took my hiking group to this afternoon. This tree stump was gigantic and as we walked toward it we were reminded of a rockingContinue reading “When the tide is really really high…”

Snowshoeing 101: Equipment

Have you ever imagined yourself breaking a pristine snow covered trail without sinking up to your knees into the white stuff? You may be interested in trying out snowshoeing. If you love hiking you might enjoy snowshoeing just as much. When it comes to equipment you may already have everything except the snowshoes. Equipment shopsContinue reading “Snowshoeing 101: Equipment”

First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!

I have made myself available this winter to lead snowshoe or hikes on Wednesday afternoons under the auspices of NSWalks and Cumberland County Rec. The local recreation department has a free lending program for locals and tourists where one can try out snow shoring or cross country skiing without investing their own money in equipment.Continue reading “First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!”

Phinney Green in January

Yes, it’s January 18th and we are exploring the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark beaches! I had planned a hike a little closer to Parrsboro but after the snow and rain we had last weekend access was too uncertain. Instead we carpooled to Phinney Green, about 10 minutes further down shore toward Advocate Harbour. With fiveContinue reading “Phinney Green in January”

Ward’s Falls, Part 2

Two days ago I quickly posted images from the afternoon group hike to Ward’s Falls. Today we woke to a surprise snow day. We weren’t supposed to get this much white stuff until further into the weekend. But, here we are, somewhat housebound. And before I immerse myself in a long overdue studio reorganization IContinue reading “Ward’s Falls, Part 2”

Winter Walk to Wards Falls

Wednesday afternoon means hiking time for anyone interested in Parrsboro. I was joined by four like-minded people eager to explore one of the best woodland hikes in the area. 16 bridges lead the way to the falls. No words are necessary as I share this afternoon’s stunning scenery. Hopefully everyone enjoys the images as muchContinue reading “Winter Walk to Wards Falls”

Wasson’s Bluff Excursion

I kicked off a new and free hiking program in Parrsboro today. The fact that one hiker showed up means that it is already a success! Maddie and I set out to Wasson’s Bluff as planned. But as we arrived at the beach we assessed our situation in relation to the tide and decided toContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Excursion”

A Snowy Morning…

The “big” snowstorm passed us by last night! The air was refreshing making for brisk walking conditions for our weekly walk. My “snow maidens” were hesitant at first but after a short review of dressing in layers and keeping our core warm we soon fell into a good pace. Big smiles, sunshine and a blueContinue reading “A Snowy Morning…”

Best laid plans…

My friend and I had plans to participate in and support the first ever NSHike event in River Hebert this afternoon. On the way there I checked for the address and saw a posting that it had been cancelled for today. Well, we were already half way there so we continued to Amherst instead whereContinue reading “Best laid plans…”

Exploring New Territory

When the invitation to join a hike to Seal Cove was posted on my FaceBook hiking group I decided to bow out of writing group and join the adventure instead. The trailhead to Seal Cove is well over an hour from Parrsboro. I headed to Apple River and into unknown territory beyond, a true adventureContinue reading “Exploring New Territory”

Blue Morning

The light is mysterious this morning. What is most welcome is the lack of snow today. Perfect conditions for the weekly walk I am about to lead under the auspices of NSWalks. Enjoy your day, wherever you may live! Best wishes, Anna

And we’re off! Parrsboro’s Walking Group is now active!

After a glorious, sunny day yesterday we witnessed icicles melting from rooftops… …but we woke up to four inches of fluffy snow today. Messages and emails arrived from 7:30 onward to ask if the walk was still taking place. I am not one to shirk commitments and since I had no idea who might justContinue reading “And we’re off! Parrsboro’s Walking Group is now active!”