We were fooled into believing that Old Man Winter had finally moved on yesterday! The water in the Aboiteau was so calm, the reflections clear. This was the view during our Wednesday morning walk… …here is a close up of reflections and shoreline. I will spare you an image of the swirling snow flakes fromContinue reading “Parrsboro…”

Every Rock Has a Story…

I came across this photo yesterday. It popped up on my FaceBook memories and I realized that I made the image two years ago on my very first Clarke Head hike. I have fond memories of that day, I felt so adventurous to go on my solo excursion. When I stumbled upon this amazing rockContinue reading “Every Rock Has a Story…”

Clarke Head “Clear Your Head With a Friend” Hike

On the spur of the moment my friend Lori and I decided to head to Clarke Head as the tide rushed out late afternoon Tuesday. It was the perfect ending to a busy day. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing Thursday evening. We are safely tucked in with Old MannWinter holding on and gifting usContinue reading “Clarke Head “Clear Your Head With a Friend” Hike”

First Time Visitors to Soley Cove

Spring arrived accompanied by strong winds today. It was the only day that worked to fit a Soley Cove excursion into the schedule. The ancient landscape never disappoints! The light was variable and yielded some unusual and unexpected images. Once again, Soley Cove spread its magic and my tour participants were truly impressed by theContinue reading “First Time Visitors to Soley Cove”

Moody Thomas Cove

It was high time for a return to Thomas Cove in Lower Economy. The entrance to Economy Point Road is off Hwy 209 past the Cliffs of Fundy Welcome Centre in Economy toward Truro, a 35 minute drive from Parrsboro. The last time I visited was nearly two years ago in June. Today we wereContinue reading “Moody Thomas Cove”

Sunday Hike Adventure

The plan was to hike along the beach from Red Rocks to Refugee Cove, depending on the cooperation of the tide. Well, let’s just say “The Mistress of the Bay”, as my friend calls the Bay of Fundy tide, was not in the mood for a waltz or Foxtrott today. We made good time toContinue reading “Sunday Hike Adventure”

When the tide is really really high…

…it’s usually best to avoid the beaches! There is one beach in Port Greville I feel confident where a rogue wave will not sweep me into the sea. That’s where I took my hiking group to this afternoon. This tree stump was gigantic and as we walked toward it we were reminded of a rockingContinue reading “When the tide is really really high…”

Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove

A low tide hike from Soley Cove to Redhead is memorable and worthwhile in any season. Yesterday was perfect! After the previous night’s dusting of snow we were rewarded with azure sky dotted with puffy clouds… and a stiff breeze! Nothing windproof clothing can’t deal with effectively. The afternoon light on a winter day bringsContinue reading “Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove”

Winter Beach Treasures

The beach always offers up colour, even a dreary, grey winter day holds surprises under foot. Look closely and see the brightly coloured pebbles, the deep burgundy seaweed frozen in time or the soft red and cream of coral… Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, Anna

Partridge Island Hike Impressions

One week ago tomorrow I embarked on my hazard assessment hike to inspect the Partridge Island Eco Trail. The images above will serve as a memory boost… … the images here were from this afternoon’s hike. I had borrowed crampons from the local recreation department but they were not needed. We managed fine with hikingContinue reading “Partridge Island Hike Impressions”

Which Hike Today?

After 19 months of sharing walk and hiking destinations in the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark area on this site, I took some time over the past week and revisited each post… there are close to 600 already. I am very excited to share with you the release of a new page on this website. DrumrollContinue reading “Which Hike Today?”

Best Birthday Ever!

What does a cargo space in our SUV stuffed with beach trash have to do with the best birthday ever? It signifies the sense of community along the Parrsboro shore where friends come together and pitch in to reduce trash along the Bay of Fundy.. Together, in 2.5 hours, we pulled 175.5 lbs of trashContinue reading “Best Birthday Ever!”

“Old Man” Sea Stack Up Close and Personal

No matter the time of day or year this impressive landmark on the way to Clarke Head always calls for attention. Enjoy!

Near Sunset

The tidal river at the bottom of our backyard was teeming with Canada Geese and ducks just seconds before I made the image above. No matter how carefully I try to approach it takes only one twig to snap under my foot and dozens of water birds take flight! With the large flock loudly honkingContinue reading “Near Sunset”

Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection

I am conducting a guided hike as part of Ottawa House-by-the-Sea Thanksgiving events. Yesterday I woke up realizing that I had not checked the trails after Fiona payed us a visit. So, after walking my dogs in town I headed over to Partridge Island to put my mind at ease. All is well on theContinue reading “Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection”