Story with a happy ending…

These were the last images captured on my iPhone Sunday night…

It took a lot of courage (and waves lapping at my heels) to walk away from the beach on Sunday night with the tide rolling in. I had lost my phone and despite trying to retrace my steps I realized that chances were slim to none of ever seeing it again. High tide was at 7:40 p.m. Sunday night. I returned to the beach Monday morning at 8:3 a.m. before our departure for Halifax. When I saw how high the tide was I gave up all hope, took a deep breath and decided that I would never see the phone again.

When I logged on to the internet with my iPad at the hotel Monday afternoon I received amazing news! Someone had found my phone. And, due to her amazing sleuthing skills she was able to track me down despite the phone being locked.

I picked up my phone this afternoon, dropped off the promised reward and didn’t know what to expect. The red and black protective case looked unscathed, the phone still had some charge left and when I unlocked it messages kept pouring in. The camera is still working and all appears well. The phone runs a little too hot for my liking when I plug the charger in but a call to Apple support has taken away the worry. I am sending my iPhone 13 MaxPro in for a check up. Thank goodness for opting in on the AppleCare package at the time of purchase last November. The tech support person was amazed when he heard the story of the phone surviving two high tides.

I am posting this story with deep gratitude for everyone involved, especially the person who found the phone and my friend who picked it up for safe keeping till I got home from Halifax!

I hope your Wednesday has been filled with magic as well! Best wishes, Anna

4 thoughts on “Story with a happy ending…

  1. Anna this is the greatest news of the day! I had a vision of it turning up in somewhere in the sand, and am very happy the phone was indeed well-enough grounded there that it became visible to the kindly person who then tracked you down. It is reassuring to know that there is still such goodness in the world to clebrate.

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