Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine

Diligent River is a great place to explore in any weather and season. Today I arrived precisely at low tide with glorious sunshine overhead and I was able to take advantage of the full expanse of the beach. Even the Ramshead River was so low that if I had worn rubber boots I could haveContinue reading “Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine”

Wednesday Afternoon Community Hike to the Brookville Formation

The weather and tides cooperated for a fantastic afternoon hike to the Brookville Formation, a notable destination within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark. I rarely meet anyone along this beach and today was another quiet day. A lone eagle circled overhead but our eyes were fixed on reaching the basalt formation that is part ofContinue reading “Wednesday Afternoon Community Hike to the Brookville Formation”

Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…

My new snowshoes arrived yesterday and I was keen to try them. My scheduled hike was poorly attended but my friend decided to tag along and try snowshoeing for the first time. Fran did amazingly well! The snow wasn’t very deep but I detected ice in regular intervals. We opted for leaving the snowshoes onContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…”

Snowshoeing 101: Equipment

Have you ever imagined yourself breaking a pristine snow covered trail without sinking up to your knees into the white stuff? You may be interested in trying out snowshoeing. If you love hiking you might enjoy snowshoeing just as much. When it comes to equipment you may already have everything except the snowshoes. Equipment shopsContinue reading “Snowshoeing 101: Equipment”

Backyard Inhabitants

I love observing our resident crows and their antics. The species of crows living at the bottom of the yard bordering the wetlands is identified as Fish Crow. Fish Crows fit the standard crow shape: hefty, well-proportioned birds with heavy bills, sturdy legs, and broad wings. At rest, Fish Crows’ wings fall short of theirContinue reading “Backyard Inhabitants”

Ward’s Falls, Part 2

Two days ago I quickly posted images from the afternoon group hike to Ward’s Falls. Today we woke to a surprise snow day. We weren’t supposed to get this much white stuff until further into the weekend. But, here we are, somewhat housebound. And before I immerse myself in a long overdue studio reorganization IContinue reading “Ward’s Falls, Part 2”

Road Hike to Cape d’Or

I am calling this a “road hike” because that is exactly what we did today. We met at the bottom of the first hill on the Cape d’Or access road in Advocate. I joined the first group hike of 2023 expecting more of an adventure on less travelled paths. In the end I was notContinue reading “Road Hike to Cape d’Or”

Fox Point Beach as The Tide Recedes

Fox Point Beach is located in the small community of Fox River. From the first time I visited here it has always held special attraction for me. Andy Goldsworthy, English sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings has actually worked on this particular beach. IContinue reading “Fox Point Beach as The Tide Recedes”

Wasson’s Bluff Excursion

I kicked off a new and free hiking program in Parrsboro today. The fact that one hiker showed up means that it is already a success! Maddie and I set out to Wasson’s Bluff as planned. But as we arrived at the beach we assessed our situation in relation to the tide and decided toContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Excursion”

Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach

It was lightly snowing in Parrsboro today but I had to scout a beach for a hike scheduled for Wednesday. Risk Assessment and hazard reduction/elimination is first and foremost on a field leader’s mind when planning a group hike. The approach to this beach can be difficult with washed out sections but today it passedContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach”

Happy New Year!

It was a bit of a tough decision between cuddling the pups on the couch… …and grabbing my backpack to explore nature in the rain. The call of Clarke Head and the beach won out. I arrived about 45 minutes before low tide. The rain had stopped as soon as I arrived on the beachContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Storm Day

The predicted storm arrived earlier than expected. The preparations this time around involve a bit more than usual with Christmas just a couple days away. I was able to tear myself away from the kitchen for a little while to make my way to Ottawa House Beach. I am so glad I got outside… TheContinue reading “Storm Day”

Winter Solstice Hike to Clarke Head

What happens when you bring together five dynamic women for a beach hike on December 21st? Let me tell you the story in pictures and a few words… The weather forecast was favourable! Here are the comparisons from yesterday to today: There were exclamations like “best beach walk ever!” and “we are so lucky withContinue reading “Winter Solstice Hike to Clarke Head”

Perfect Weather…

…to test some recently acquired gear. It’s been quite wet here in Parrsboro along the Fundy shore. Today the weather wasn’t too sure what to do. There was a bit of snow first thing but the rain was creating some interesting melt patterns. By the time I had my pack assembled and changed into weatherContinue reading “Perfect Weather…”

Wet Weather…

It was wet and gloomy outside today. After a rainy walk in the morning it was time for some indoor catch up… First up: shaping and finishing up the rum balls. They are getting two thumbs up from the chief taster in the house. They should be good, I used a lot of dark rumContinue reading “Wet Weather…”

Throughout the day…

It was another chilly and breezy morning but the light was truly magical. We set the tone with a brisk walk… and everything falls into place after some fresh morning air. We experienced a little big of everything and were even treated to blue sky this afternoon. A weather system is on its way butContinue reading “Throughout the day…”

Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville

After a two year hiatus the much loved Living Christmas Tree Choir concert returned. We took in the Sunday night performance. There were few empty seats, masked and smiling faces and such joy among the performers and audience. Port Grenville is a twenty minute drive down shore from Parrsboro. We don’t usually venture out atContinue reading “Living Tree Christmas Concert in Port Grenville”