A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

What a way to honour the May long weekend Sunday. A group of hikers from Moncton inquired if I could show them the way to Clarke Head. You know my answer to their question. Of course I will share this epic beach excursion! As soon as we rounded the arch the sun burst through theContinue reading “A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!”

Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1

Yesterday’s epic hike meant an early morning for all. I met my ride just before 5 a. m. at the Parrsboro Tim Hortons. It was still dark with a bright moon guiding the way. The winding drive to West Advocate to the meeting place takes 45 minutes. Everyone was gathered there by 5:45, ready toContinue reading “Refugee Cove Hike Impressions, Part 1”

Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…

…”I don’t think you can do that…” was the answer to my question shortly after we arrived in late 2020. I had inquired with the walking group I belonged to at the time. It’s taken me nearly 18 months to prove to myself that crossing the mudflats is definitely an option. I arrived at Wasson’sContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…”

Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach

It was a blue sky kind-of-day when we left Parrsboro on Sunday noon. The closer we got to our destination the more clouds shrouded the sky. Grey sky is not something that deters me easily and as we arrived at the parking lot next to the Joggings Cliffs Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, IContinue reading “Exploring The Joggins Fossil Cliffs Beach”

Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning

It was an exhale kind of moment when we arrived at one of the best kept secrets along the Bay of Fundy this morning. It always gives me such pleasure to bring new friends to this particular beach with its rich natural history and diverse geological formations. Lori, my friend, was in awe as theContinue reading “Phinney Green on a Saturday Morning”

Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…

My heart always beats a little faster when we drive past this beach in Economy. I visited and hiked this beach three times last year. When an invitation to join the List Soles hiking group on this excursion was extended I could not resist. Words cannot describe this amazing day!! Pictures really do speak aContinue reading “Return to Soley’s Cove Beach…”

Let’s Go to the Beach…

…and look for some driftwood, my friend said around lunchtime. Off we went, heading down shore toward Fox River. “If we turn where the old school building is and access the beach there, we will find great pieces of wood…”. I am game, it’s only a short drive! And we were not disappointed! We madeContinue reading “Let’s Go to the Beach…”

Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…

…as part of the Fundy Shore Winter Carnival. The Fundy Shore Winter Carnival kicked off last Thursday. The event I was most interested in was the tour jointly organized by the Fundy GeoPark and Fundy Geological Museum. It was advertised as the Highland Tour exploring the area surrounding That Dutchman Cheese Farm in Economy. AllContinue reading “Highland Cattle Snowshoe Excursion…”


Yesterday was a beautiful day, beckoning me to take full advantage of the sunshine before the next weather system brings changes. I snowshoed from the gate of Glooscap Campground all the way down to the beach. I love the spot I featured above: it is always awe-inspiring and Feb. 16th, 2022 did not disappoint: theContinue reading “Other-Wordly?”

Snowshoe Destination: FoxPoint Beach

Last Friday was another glorious day in the Bay of Fundy. It definitely called for an extended outing. I packed the snowshoes, just in case and was glad to have them handy when the road approach turned out to be too slushy to drive. Snowshoes were the best solution to make headway though the woodsContinue reading “Snowshoe Destination: FoxPoint Beach”


I inhaled deeply when I arrived at the beach yesterday: fresh, salty air, a little sunshine overhead and other-worldly ice sculptures only Mother Nature can create greeted me. It felt so good to get out, walk between the large rocks of First Beach toward these pink sand coloured monsters. Click on the third image inContinue reading “Fleeting…”

Next, please…

Big water drops are forming with the next episode of our wether pattern this year. When we first arrived in Nova Scotia a friend told me that when these drops form and hang from the bare branches of the winter tree, a lot more rain is on the way. The snow is melting, creating hugeContinue reading “Next, please…”

Destination: Parrsboro Dam

Ten months ago I tried to find the trail to the Parrsboro Dam for the first time. I didn’t find it then but I kept the goal to hike there on my bucket list. Yesterday was the day to visit…

Five Islands Lighthouse Park

We have countless beaches, some are easy to walk, others not so much… Five Islands Lighthouse Park is one of the beaches that is suitable for all levels of fitness!

Great Village…

…a great village to explore, especially if you are into antiques and collectibles. Perhaps you are a regular viewer of CBC’s Land & Sea and caught this episode that first aired on November 21st? Perhaps you watched it but didn’t really know where this grouping of antique stores can be found. Wonder no more: GreatContinue reading “Great Village…”