Evangeline Beach, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

We stopped and camped near this amazing beach a little over four years ago. Yesterday we returned on our way to Wolfville and I realized that my love for the Bay of Fundy began here…

The view of Cape Blomidon is a mirror image to what the view is from Ottawa House Beach. I was standing directly across from Parrsboro. As the crow flies, home is only about 35 km away. It takes 3.5 hours travelling by car. In the good old days a ferry connected Wolfville ( just a few kilometres from Grand Pre) and Parrsboro. The ferry schedule was dependent on the tides, sailing twice a day.

It was low tide and I took a few minutes to admire this amazing beach up close and personal.

Wishing you all sunny days this weekend! Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Evangeline Beach, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

  1. These photos are such a beautiful, colourful, calm contrast to stormy, monochromatic all-white Saskatchewan this morning!! Winds are howling, snow is splotched all over the windows, all highways from the Manitoba and Alberta borders are closed and winter has definitely arrived as if in vengeance to our unusually pleasant many weeks of autumn.

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    1. Our fall is unusually warm this year! Shrubs and bushes are pushing buds and flowers that usually come out in the spring. Garlic plants planted for next year are sprouting. It was well over 20C all weekend, real t-shirt and shorts weather! I am not ready for winter… least of all for the weather you are describing with snow and ice-caked windows. Sending you milder weather. It’s raining heavily here today.


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