Diligent River Beach in the Mist

Diligent River Beach makes for a fantastic low tide destination in any weather. After exploring it in sunshine just two days ago I returned with two hiking friends this afternoon. The rain held off till we were almost back at the car. From the warf to the Ramshead River the return distance is roughly 5Continue reading “Diligent River Beach in the Mist”

Waiting Out The Storm

It’s mid-March and we are looking at “sideways snow” outside our windows. Once the wind picked up this afternoon I could no longer ignore the fact that Old Man Winter isn’t quite done with us yet. Perhaps reviewing some of the recent beach ice images will lift everyone’s spirit.😊 Enjoy the rest of your day,Continue reading “Waiting Out The Storm”

Sunday Hike Adventure

The plan was to hike along the beach from Red Rocks to Refugee Cove, depending on the cooperation of the tide. Well, let’s just say “The Mistress of the Bay”, as my friend calls the Bay of Fundy tide, was not in the mood for a waltz or Foxtrott today. We made good time toContinue reading “Sunday Hike Adventure”

Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM

The Wednesday afternoon Parrsboro hiking group was small today. We set out in conditions fluctuating between rain and snow. The weather did not know which way to swing which presented us with sticky snow conditions on the trail. It was quite different from the winter wonderland we experienced last Friday. The ice was rapidly meltingContinue reading “Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM”

Snow Day Impressions…

More snow means a slow day at home and better conditions for a snowshoe excursion on Wednesday… I missed capturing the bald eagle circling overhead but one of the resident the crows posed for a quick photoshoot today. Hope your Monday was productive!

Snowshoe Excursion to the Parrsboro Dam

We woke up to a nice amount of snow that accumulated over night. My Garden Buddha was wearing a tall hat this morning, an excellent indication that it was time for the long-awaited snowshoe to the old dam! The distance from where we parked is not far. We broke the trail but it isn’t anContinue reading “Snowshoe Excursion to the Parrsboro Dam”

Driving down an unknown road…

… and arriving at a fabulous hidden beach complete with…ice cakes! They were spectacular! Hope your day was filled with great surprises, Anna

Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove

A low tide hike from Soley Cove to Redhead is memorable and worthwhile in any season. Yesterday was perfect! After the previous night’s dusting of snow we were rewarded with azure sky dotted with puffy clouds… and a stiff breeze! Nothing windproof clothing can’t deal with effectively. The afternoon light on a winter day bringsContinue reading “Photographer’s Dream Tour: Soley Cove”

Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike

I missed out on the great weather yesterday. Despite the rainy day forecast I decided to venture to Clarke Head with the outgoing tide today. I barely made it to the beach when the drizzle started but water and wind-proof clothing kept me warm and dry for the two hour excursion. Partridge Island and CapeContinue reading “Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike”

Landscape Layers

A beautiful day but no time to explore the beaches far from home… Between crossings things off my to-do-list and facilitating my cross-Canada artists group via Zoom I took 45 minutes for a brisk walk along First and Second Beaches. I was struck by the ethereal layers the landscape presented. Such a gift! Hope yourContinue reading “Landscape Layers”

Signs of Winter…

My friend and I took in a couple hikes today. When we reached the beach near the mouth of the Ramshead River we discovered a true winter wonderland across the river from us. There was time to stop on the other side to inspect the gigantic icicles and ice covered rocks across from Cape SplitContinue reading “Signs of Winter…”

Surf’s Up!!!

Tide was nearing its high point this afternoon at West Advocate, Nova Scotia! Humbling and invigorating at the same time… Some still images that don’t require any words. Enjoy! Happy Sunday, friends and fellow ocean lovers. May these images provide you with energy for another work week, Anna

Winter Beach Treasures

The beach always offers up colour, even a dreary, grey winter day holds surprises under foot. Look closely and see the brightly coloured pebbles, the deep burgundy seaweed frozen in time or the soft red and cream of coral… Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, Anna