Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Fox Point Beach Hike

The parking area overlooking Fox Point Beach is just large enough for three or four vehicles. A short walk through a forested area takes us to this vast and diverse beach. I always love exploring this beach. The first time I came was early April 2021. I was fascinated by the cliffs, rock formations, seaweedContinue reading “Fox Point Beach Hike”

Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS

On a grey and drizzly day the Red Rocks along West Advocate Beach always add a splash of much needed colour. On the way toward McGahey Brook, our turn around point yesterday, the sandstone formations appeared to be of a soft pink. On the way back the light had changed slightly due to the angleContinue reading “Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS”

He has seen better days…

… I stumbled upon this painted shell far from the shore! Put a smile on our faces while sharing the view over Wards Falls this weekend! Happy Monday, Anna

A “new to us” beach…

My friends and I embarked on a little hike today exploring a beach none of us had checked out before. The weather was perfect, the hiking group as well! It was a short 20 minute drive to Soley Cove Road where we parked the car close to beach access. The sun was out after aContinue reading “A “new to us” beach…”

When in Truro…

…make time to head over to Victoria Park. The parking lot is accessed via Part Street and there is plenty of space including many shaded spots. My friend Gaby and I had some time to spare and she offered to show me around this popular destination. I had read about the extensive damage left byContinue reading “When in Truro…”


Walking across Two Islands Bridge today as the water rushed from the Aboiteau into the inner harbour… make sure you turn up your volume! Love the foamed surface and blue sky overhead. Check back tomorrow when I post images of another beach excursion. Heading to Spencer’s Island tomorrow afternoon as the tide goes out. SeeContinue reading “Forceful…”

Thomas Cove, Part Three

All good things come in threes… at least that’s what my grandmother used to say. The sun beckoned today and I could not stay inside. So, back to Thomas Cove, I went with my friend Robyn. It was time for checking trails for the third time this week😃 The tide was rolling in, the windContinue reading “Thomas Cove, Part Three”


We were fooled into believing that Old Man Winter had finally moved on yesterday! The water in the Aboiteau was so calm, the reflections clear. This was the view during our Wednesday morning walk… …here is a close up of reflections and shoreline. I will spare you an image of the swirling snow flakes fromContinue reading “Parrsboro…”

Every Rock Has a Story…

I came across this photo yesterday. It popped up on my FaceBook memories and I realized that I made the image two years ago on my very first Clarke Head hike. I have fond memories of that day, I felt so adventurous to go on my solo excursion. When I stumbled upon this amazing rockContinue reading “Every Rock Has a Story…”

Waiting Out The Storm

It’s mid-March and we are looking at “sideways snow” outside our windows. Once the wind picked up this afternoon I could no longer ignore the fact that Old Man Winter isn’t quite done with us yet. Perhaps reviewing some of the recent beach ice images will lift everyone’s spirit.😊 Enjoy the rest of your day,Continue reading “Waiting Out The Storm”

Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine

Diligent River is a great place to explore in any weather and season. Today I arrived precisely at low tide with glorious sunshine overhead and I was able to take advantage of the full expanse of the beach. Even the Ramshead River was so low that if I had worn rubber boots I could haveContinue reading “Diligent River Low Tide Exploration in Sunshine”

Sunday Hike Adventure

The plan was to hike along the beach from Red Rocks to Refugee Cove, depending on the cooperation of the tide. Well, let’s just say “The Mistress of the Bay”, as my friend calls the Bay of Fundy tide, was not in the mood for a waltz or Foxtrott today. We made good time toContinue reading “Sunday Hike Adventure”

Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM

The Wednesday afternoon Parrsboro hiking group was small today. We set out in conditions fluctuating between rain and snow. The weather did not know which way to swing which presented us with sticky snow conditions on the trail. It was quite different from the winter wonderland we experienced last Friday. The ice was rapidly meltingContinue reading “Chasing Diamonds at the Old Parrsboro DAM”