A Beach Clean Up Story…

The call for a beach clean up in West Advocate was posted by the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark a couple weeks ago. With the cancellation of the Hike Summit my Monday was suddenly free, so I ventured out to Advocate Harbour this morning. I arrived a little early. Once the light rain slowed I beganContinue reading “A Beach Clean Up Story…”

Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?

The Upper Bay of Fundy Shore line must top your bucket list! The varied coast line within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark is one of the most diverse areas to explore. Each beach offers walkable terrain and captivating subject matter. The images here are of the Clarke Head guided tour on offer through Tide RollersContinue reading “Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?”

Weathered Wood Study

I love roaming the beaches, especially when I come across old warf remnants weathered by wind, sun and the relentless tides. These amazing natural sculptures are found at the mouth of the Bass River. Imagine the stories these posts could tell! Happy Thursday, Anna

Fox Point Beach Hike

The parking area overlooking Fox Point Beach is just large enough for three or four vehicles. A short walk through a forested area takes us to this vast and diverse beach. I always love exploring this beach. The first time I came was early April 2021. I was fascinated by the cliffs, rock formations, seaweedContinue reading “Fox Point Beach Hike”

Thomas Cove Economy Trail Loop at Low Tide

A sunny afternoon called for a nature outing. We chose Thomas Cove and were treated to low tide views and perfect conditions to explore not only the woodlands on top of the cliff but also the ocean floor. We used the rope to access the sandstone without incident. I had lost my footing last timeContinue reading “Thomas Cove Economy Trail Loop at Low Tide”

Just a few close ups from recent excursions…

…clumps of moss, weathered driftwood, shelf fungi, newly emerged plants and a spiral lichen! Nature presents her gifts! Enjoy your Saturday. Best wishes, Anna

Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS

On a grey and drizzly day the Red Rocks along West Advocate Beach always add a splash of much needed colour. On the way toward McGahey Brook, our turn around point yesterday, the sandstone formations appeared to be of a soft pink. On the way back the light had changed slightly due to the angleContinue reading “Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS”

Long overdue: Driftwood Study #153

There is something so fascinating when examining the driftwood along our Bay of Fundy beaches… The strong contrast against a blue sky is softened during the golden hour just before sunset. Each beach offers limitless opportunities for discovery! Happy Tuesday, Anna

He has seen better days…

… I stumbled upon this painted shell far from the shore! Put a smile on our faces while sharing the view over Wards Falls this weekend! Happy Monday, Anna

Woodland Discoveries

We ventured back to Wards Falls today. Our primary reason was for conditioning, the goal we set was to complete the trail twice with our full packs. The total distance we estimated was somewhere around 14 km. We built in brief rests overlooking the falls each time and had lunch at the car after completingContinue reading “Woodland Discoveries”

When in Truro…

…make time to head over to Victoria Park. The parking lot is accessed via Part Street and there is plenty of space including many shaded spots. My friend Gaby and I had some time to spare and she offered to show me around this popular destination. I had read about the extensive damage left byContinue reading “When in Truro…”

Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island

With a chance of rain in the forecast we decided to defy the weather man and head to Spencer’s Island as the tide was on the way out. This beach is the most colourful beach in the area. The closer we got to the “point” and the island the more colourful the rocks seemed toContinue reading “Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island”

Red Sandstone Allure…

A gray Sunday afternoon… little wind and time to explore! We ventured into uncharted territory, the “other side” of Soley Cove Beach. I will let the ancient Jurassic sandstone formations speak for themselves… Hope your Sunday was restorative. Best wishes for a fabulous week, Anna