In the Beginning…

“…when touched by our calling, it doesn’t matter if we’ve been prepared or trained or certified or if we have been delayed for years. What matters is if we can listen to our own unmitigated possibility with our whole being. This will enable us to begin, the way one day of rain and one day of sun will start the flower in its destiny to bloom. In deep and unexpected ways, saying yes is a form of listening that brings who we are and what we experience into true meeting. Saying yes is the beginning of all flowering. ”
“Seven Thousand Ways to Listen” by Mark Nepo

When DID it start, my interest in photography and examination of the landscape? I asked myself that question recently and I can’t remember exactly when my preteen infatuation with my mother’s old Brownie camera turned into passion.

I remember the day I received that old camera and happily proceeded to fill the roll of 12 images during an outing to one of King Ludwig’s castles in Bavaria. I still have one of the original black and white images of a deer through a chain link fence.

As a young adult moving to Canada I felt the need to capture impressions as I explored my new country. Focused on work and raising a family I put the camera aside for a while. Eventually I embarked on a new path and studied art, design and textile techniques. Through this training I realized how important it is to document one’s work and that slides and photographs are vital in securing exhibitions.

When I graduated from the art programme a friend presented me with this little book:

“Nature’s Chaos”, text by James Gleick, photography by Eliot Porter ISBN 0-349-10801-3

The book opened my eyes to a completely different approach of photography! I realized that it was acceptable to make images of scattered rocks, a clump of grass, cracks in the soil, a distorted reflection of the sun and clouds… I felt as if I had received a permission slip to go and follow my intuition to make the images I have always made but was unsure of sharing.

Since then I have gained experience with a Diploma in Photography, invaluable when it comes to the technical aspects of the camera and some basic principles of photography. In early 2013 I discovered Miksang Contemplative Photography, in 2016 I took my first formal class in Miksang Photography which eventually lead to teacher training. These days I prefer to explore the world without rules and guidelines set by others. I follow the beat of my own drum. This blog is the vehicle I have chosen to share my images and writing… and it all started when I was 9 years old…

My interest started so long ago when I didn’t know how to listen. It took time to learn and to listen to what was calling me. May your heart be open to listen and act.

Best wishes, Anna

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