The Crocus Report

Yesterday’s morning walk yielded a welcome surprise: one of my favourite harbingers of spring, a grouping of crocus! What a difference a day makes: within 24 hours more crocus emerged and are beginning to unfold. Happy Friday, all! Best wishes, Anna

Trip to the Sugar Bush

A year ago we had the pleasure of joining a group of friends on a visit to the sugar bush near Fenwick, between Amherst and Springhill. This year we ventured out on our own. We had this excursion on our calendar for a few weeks hoping to bring along friends but our schedules never seemedContinue reading “Trip to the Sugar Bush”

Gilbert Hill Vista

One of the best places in the Parrsboro area to watch the sunset would be from Gilbert Hill. With Cape Split in the distance, Partridge Island illuminated by the setting sun this view takes my breath away every time. The day I witnessed the setting of the sun the full reward came after the goldenContinue reading “Gilbert Hill Vista”

Into the Distance

It’s Sunday and we have been blessed by another “snow into rain” event. It is the kind of day that I love to browse through my recent photographs to select those that have touched me the most. The natural window featured today is one of those special captures that call for a pause and completeContinue reading “Into the Distance”

Magical Fog

Following a night of heavy rain I made my way to Truro yesterday. On the way home fog was rolling off the Bay of Fundy toward the Cobequid Highlands and by the time I arrived back in Parrsboro the fog horn was calling… a quick drive to the pier provided a few serene moments afterContinue reading “Magical Fog”

Yearning for Spring.,,

As I look out the window and observe snow changing to rain and back to snow again all within minutes, my eye catches a flash of green reminding me that the countdown to spring is indeed progressing… 39 days and counting. Happy Wednesday! Stay warm and dry, wherever you are, Anna

Next, please…

Big water drops are forming with the next episode of our wether pattern this year. When we first arrived in Nova Scotia a friend told me that when these drops form and hang from the bare branches of the winter tree, a lot more rain is on the way. The snow is melting, creating hugeContinue reading “Next, please…”

Seeking and Finding Inspiration

When winter days appear too similar, without too many changes and little easing of the cold it’s time to examine the landscape for subtle changes. Inspiration is everywhere: from snow covered backyards polished by rain and wind to shards of ice reaching from their watery depths like alligators. A five minute backyard excursion yields visualContinue reading “Seeking and Finding Inspiration”

No matter what the weather…

Clarke Head on a Sunday morning… moving from light snow to full sunshine along the Fundy Shore!

Mood Enhancer…

The plan was for a quick walk to clear the head… it turned into two hours of bliss while exploring the beach and everything on my way there!

A Quiet Sunday…

…and the absence of an internet connection has me posting later than usual today. We are still clearing areas of snow drifts on our property and after a short drive through the community we are feeling rather grateful that we do not have toppled trees across our yard or no heat. We are warm andContinue reading “A Quiet Sunday…”

And so it begins…

The forecast for a major winter storm has been circulating in the news for several days. With temperatures around +10 C yesterday and blue skies I made it to the beach twice. In the morning the tide was out and it afforded us a nice, leisurely walk. When I returned to the same beach theContinue reading “And so it begins…”

The Ancients…

As long as it is not snowing, the wind too strong or the rain pelting down I make an effort to get out even during the winter… Diligent River called!

Phinney Green

The last beach excursion of 2021 was full of contemplation and discovery. Join me as I recount the experience…