Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection

I am conducting a guided hike as part of Ottawa House-by-the-Sea Thanksgiving events. Yesterday I woke up realizing that I had not checked the trails after Fiona payed us a visit. So, after walking my dogs in town I headed over to Partridge Island to put my mind at ease. All is well on theContinue reading “Partridge Island Hiking Trail Inspection”

Early Autumn Colours

I was very relieved today: we were out running some everyday errands when I decided to check on a place where the fall colours took my breath away last year. I am happy to report: There is colour among the trees! The prediction that Fiona’s “visit” last week would curtail the annual colour show weContinue reading “Early Autumn Colours”

Sparkles and Clouds…

It’s a glorious and sunny day here in Parrsboro. I just took my bike out for a spin around town. A brief stop near the pier across from the lighthouse was well timed to capture the sparkle on the water and impressive cloud formations above Blomidon. Happy Wednesday! Enjoy and best wishes, Anna

Memories of Grand Manan

We had a busy morning stowing away yard ornaments and furniture in anticipation of hurricane Fiona. This meant that a walk on the beach was not on the agenda. Instead I scrolled through some pictures I captured while visiting Grand Manan two weeks ago and in search of a beach to explore. I loved makingContinue reading “Memories of Grand Manan”

The Bay Beckons…

Afternoon tea at Ottawa House to honour the Queen’s memory behind me I met up with my friend and headed to the beach. Soothing sounds of waves and gulls soaring overhead provided the perfect backdrop to restore equilibrium. May your Monday evening offer an opportunity to relax and reset, Anna

From the other side of the Bay…

We are back at the Blacks Harbour ferry terminal to sail to Grand Manan. My exhibition closes at 6 pm. We will spend some time relaxing and enjoying this amazing sunshine before duty calls. Let’s see if we can find a nice beach… Happy Friday. Hope everyone’s day is filled with sunshine. Best wishes, Anna


The invasive Japanese Knotweed is abuzz with bees and bumblebees before we get cooler weather. The green, lush bush is beautiful to look at but we forget about its destructive forces on the natural habitat. Still, I delight in the lacy flower sprigs and leaves illuminated by the morning sun. Happy Thursday, Anna

The final resting place…

We came across this remote cemetery today. The afternoon was perfect and we couldn’t help but stop and explore. The lichens called for a study up close… …and the ancient tree cast shadows! Happy Friday! Best wishes. Anna

Japanese Knotweed…

This rather invasive plant lines roadways in and out of town. It is one of the first plants to send up edible shoots in the spring and it flowers throughout the summer It is hardy, you can’t pull it, you can’t burn it. We learn to live with it! The bees and insects favour it.Continue reading “Japanese Knotweed…”

Sunset Walk at Ottawa House Beach in Parrsboro

All summer long we gathered to walk the beaches at sunset, my walking group and I. Last night was the last evening walk for 2022. It was a perfect evening, concluded with a small bonfire with a most spectacular sunset as the backdrop. Best wishes for a fabulous Tuesday, Anna

Backyard impressions…

I realized, taking time out is easy when you have a backyard overlooking a river that rises and falls with the tides. The geese were out for an afternoon float yesterday. Wishing everyone a peaceful start to the week! Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! Anna

Tide Pool Observation

Tide pools on the Bay of Fundy are vastly different from those along other coast lines. The extreme high tides are tough on sea life and one has to look hard for small creatures moving about in shallow pools of water. My favourite creatures to watch are tiny hermit crabs. Enjoy! Happy Sunday, friends! SendingContinue reading “Tide Pool Observation”

Forest Bathing

Following my beach walk last Tuesday I decided to look for mushrooms in the small stand of trees near home. Just as I locked the car and stepped onto the trail the heavens opened up… no use heading home: the rain was warm and I knew I would eventually dry off. Chanterelles have not beenContinue reading “Forest Bathing”

The Road Less Travelled…

Today we travelled in the opposite direction, away from the Fundy shore. Blueberry fields and forest presented themselves. And for the first time ever we noticed this ancient sentinel standing guard in the middle of a blueberry field. The question begs: why have we never noticed this Hemlock before? Sometimes it’s a good idea toContinue reading “The Road Less Travelled…”

When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!

The day started a bit slow for me. But instead of sitting on the couch knitting the urge struck to get out, explore a beach and breathe in salty air! My first destination choice is always Clarke Head. I messaged my friend to see if she would be interested and it was great to hearContinue reading “When feeling under the weather… hike along the beach!”

Sunday Sunset Reflections

It was a colourful sunset tonight. The house smells heavenly… I am cooking up a triple batch of rhubarb butter, dehydrating another chanterelle find and am ready to get about seven pints of blueberries we foraged along the edge of a recently harvested field. We are just getting into foraging mode. Last year the chanterellesContinue reading “Sunday Sunset Reflections”

The Crocus Report

Yesterday’s morning walk yielded a welcome surprise: one of my favourite harbingers of spring, a grouping of crocus! What a difference a day makes: within 24 hours more crocus emerged and are beginning to unfold. Happy Friday, all! Best wishes, Anna