Waiting Out The Storm

It’s mid-March and we are looking at “sideways snow” outside our windows. Once the wind picked up this afternoon I could no longer ignore the fact that Old Man Winter isn’t quite done with us yet. Perhaps reviewing some of the recent beach ice images will lift everyone’s spirit.😊 Enjoy the rest of your day,Continue reading “Waiting Out The Storm”

Contemplative Mood

A quiet beach with mist rising, tiny snowflakes drifting from the sky and an unidentified object floating offshore… Cochrane Road Beach was deserted this afternoon as the tide was rising. It was perfect for decompressing and filling the well. Sunday tranquility… enjoy! Best wishes, Anna

Landscape Layers

A beautiful day but no time to explore the beaches far from home… Between crossings things off my to-do-list and facilitating my cross-Canada artists group via Zoom I took 45 minutes for a brisk walk along First and Second Beaches. I was struck by the ethereal layers the landscape presented. Such a gift! Hope yourContinue reading “Landscape Layers”

Winter Beach Treasures

The beach always offers up colour, even a dreary, grey winter day holds surprises under foot. Look closely and see the brightly coloured pebbles, the deep burgundy seaweed frozen in time or the soft red and cream of coral… Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, Anna

Partridge Island Hike Impressions

One week ago tomorrow I embarked on my hazard assessment hike to inspect the Partridge Island Eco Trail. The images above will serve as a memory boost… … the images here were from this afternoon’s hike. I had borrowed crampons from the local recreation department but they were not needed. We managed fine with hikingContinue reading “Partridge Island Hike Impressions”

Passing Through Lower Economy…

…on our way to Halifax today the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin presented a view I have never experienced before. There were ice chunks littering the foreground. The water itself was so calm that it provided the perfect opportunity for reflections for the headlands of Economy Point and Kiln Stack Island. Have a great startContinue reading “Passing Through Lower Economy…”

We are tough!

We haven’t really had winter in Nova Scotia yet. This weekend it’s supposed to drop down to some Saskatchewan-like temperatures we are familiar with and everyone around us is a little flustered. Advice to prevent pipes from freezing, keeping the house warm in case of power outages due to cables snapping and the need toContinue reading “We are tough!”

A Man and His Rope…

The picture tells the story… when you wonder if it was a wise choice to pick up the washed up rope and drag it back to the car for 8 km… Happy Sunday, Anna

First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!

I have made myself available this winter to lead snowshoe or hikes on Wednesday afternoons under the auspices of NSWalks and Cumberland County Rec. The local recreation department has a free lending program for locals and tourists where one can try out snow shoring or cross country skiing without investing their own money in equipment.Continue reading “First Snowshoe Outing This Winter!”

Time stands still…

A winter wonderland greeted us this morning. I can’t remember the last time I was excited about so much snow… it means we can do a snowshoe session instead of a hike on Wednesday afternoon. Yeah! The back yard looked magical! And the Canada Geese appeared frozen to the ground. Every once in a whileContinue reading “Time stands still…”

Recipe for a Great Sunday

The best way to reconnect with a friend after not seeing each other for a while is during a crisp winter morning at -11C with the sun shining brightly! Try it some time… it’s good for the soul! Happy Sunday from the Bay of Fundy, Anna

Frosty Saturday in Magical Light

The snow had stopped and the sun tried to break through the clouds this morning making for a surreal landscape experience. The chilly beach walk presented a strong contrast between silvery greys against colour-infused close ups. Wishing you all a restful weekend, Anna


It’s a snow day today and I am grateful for yesterday, when on my way home from the Cape Sharpe hike I stopped at the beach near Partridge Island. The tide was receding. And all I did was listen, give in to the rhythm of nature … and breathe. I was reminded of that momentContinue reading “Tranquility…”

Rainy Landscape Musings…

On grey days one must look for colour, and delight in the small treasures nature presents. The way a raindrop captures the whole world and throws it back at us… upside down! Or how, by accident, the camera lens beholds that one magical moment when light appears in a flash… On these gloomy Winter daysContinue reading “Rainy Landscape Musings…”

Backyard Inhabitants

I love observing our resident crows and their antics. The species of crows living at the bottom of the yard bordering the wetlands is identified as Fish Crow. Fish Crows fit the standard crow shape: hefty, well-proportioned birds with heavy bills, sturdy legs, and broad wings. At rest, Fish Crows’ wings fall short of theirContinue reading “Backyard Inhabitants”


…post sunrise. The view was spectacular once again this morning. Vapours rising from the Farrells River as it flows toward the Bay of Fundy, peaceful and mesmerizing! Happy Thursday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna