Treasure Hunt…

…on a frosty morning! Yes, this was the first frost we have encountered this fall. And a glorious walk followed. The sun was up and rapidly warming the landscape. The jewel-like ice crystals surrounding leaves and flowers melted quickly but not until I had time to explore nature’s gifts. Hope your Monday presented you withContinue reading “Treasure Hunt…”

Explosion of Colour

Each day there are changes… fall colours are getting stronger and more prolific. I am hosting our local Contemplative Photography group tomorrow morning, the theme is “Flowers & Weeds”. I look forward to everyone’s submission for the review. Fall is the perfect time to explore this particular theme. Here are a few of my findsContinue reading “Explosion of Colour”

Quick Check In

Power was restored for most homes in Parrsboro late last night. We were so surprised and extremely grateful to the Nova Scotia Power restoration teams. Power means that freezers will keep the food supply safe for now. Cell service is still quite spotty for us. I drove down to the pier to update this blog.Continue reading “Quick Check In”

Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

…Thanks for checking in today. I received numerous messages inquiring about our well-being. Here is the short version of the situation in Parrsboro: We have had no power since midnight and no cell phone service in town. I finally found connectivity with my cell phone near the pier. We weathered the storm without damage toContinue reading “Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…”

Walking the beach while waiting…

…for Fiona. I swung by the beach this afternoon expecting some wave action but the Bay was calm. The tide was on its way out and my attention was drawn to the well weathered driftwood near the protective berm. The lines and textures never disappoint and the grey of the sky appeared to be mirroredContinue reading “Walking the beach while waiting…”

Memories of Grand Manan

We had a busy morning stowing away yard ornaments and furniture in anticipation of hurricane Fiona. This meant that a walk on the beach was not on the agenda. Instead I scrolled through some pictures I captured while visiting Grand Manan two weeks ago and in search of a beach to explore. I loved makingContinue reading “Memories of Grand Manan”

The Bay Beckons…

Afternoon tea at Ottawa House to honour the Queen’s memory behind me I met up with my friend and headed to the beach. Soothing sounds of waves and gulls soaring overhead provided the perfect backdrop to restore equilibrium. May your Monday evening offer an opportunity to relax and reset, Anna

The Heron

During my walk along Ottawa House Beach earlier this week I met the resident heron. It’s been some time since I sorted him. This time he wasn’t nearly as skidding as before. I was able to approach to within fifty feet. It added joy to my day! Wishing you all a happy Thursday. Best wishes,Continue reading “The Heron”

From the other side of the Bay…

We are back at the Blacks Harbour ferry terminal to sail to Grand Manan. My exhibition closes at 6 pm. We will spend some time relaxing and enjoying this amazing sunshine before duty calls. Let’s see if we can find a nice beach… Happy Friday. Hope everyone’s day is filled with sunshine. Best wishes, Anna


The invasive Japanese Knotweed is abuzz with bees and bumblebees before we get cooler weather. The green, lush bush is beautiful to look at but we forget about its destructive forces on the natural habitat. Still, I delight in the lacy flower sprigs and leaves illuminated by the morning sun. Happy Thursday, Anna

The Little Green Crab…

…that could. Green crabs are invasive and steadily making their way north. In Newfoundland, the fisheries are looking into ways to maximize their potential by creating new and innovative dishes. With water temperature rising globally I have noticed more green crabs along the Fundy beaches this summer. The image above was captured at Soley CoveContinue reading “The Little Green Crab…”


Labour Day weekend has always been a reminder that summer is slowly transitioning. This morning I was greeted by a chill in the air and I took note of how the sun’s path has gradually changed. I love autumnal light. It is softer and reveals certain details in nature we overlook during hot summer days.Continue reading “Changes…”

The final resting place…

We came across this remote cemetery today. The afternoon was perfect and we couldn’t help but stop and explore. The lichens called for a study up close… …and the ancient tree cast shadows! Happy Friday! Best wishes. Anna

Walking at Phinney Green at Low Tide

This beach never disappoints! We came upon a couple collecting dulse… …but for the rest of the sunny walk we found ourselves alone, wading in the gentle waves lapping at the pebble beach. Several industrious spiders were spinning furiously to repair their webs on the shady side of the large rock. The view never disappoints!Continue reading “Walking at Phinney Green at Low Tide”

Japanese Knotweed…

This rather invasive plant lines roadways in and out of town. It is one of the first plants to send up edible shoots in the spring and it flowers throughout the summer It is hardy, you can’t pull it, you can’t burn it. We learn to live with it! The bees and insects favour it.Continue reading “Japanese Knotweed…”

Backyard impressions…

I realized, taking time out is easy when you have a backyard overlooking a river that rises and falls with the tides. The geese were out for an afternoon float yesterday. Wishing everyone a peaceful start to the week! Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! Anna

Forest Bathing

Following my beach walk last Tuesday I decided to look for mushrooms in the small stand of trees near home. Just as I locked the car and stepped onto the trail the heavens opened up… no use heading home: the rain was warm and I knew I would eventually dry off. Chanterelles have not beenContinue reading “Forest Bathing”