Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Spring Cheer

It was a bit gray in Parrsboro today but signs of flowers and leaves budding are everywhere. My heart is full tonight! Thank you NSWalks for nominating me as one of the community volunteers contributing to life in Cumberland County. I just returned home from an evening of celebration, meeting other volunteers and shaking handsContinue reading “Spring Cheer”


…Mother Nature sent a message to remind us to stay humble. Snow and freezing rain created fleeting jewels on tree branches and beach treasures. The ice crust and icicles didn’t last long after I captured them in photos. Friday blessings Anna

Contemplative Mood

A quiet beach with mist rising, tiny snowflakes drifting from the sky and an unidentified object floating offshore… Cochrane Road Beach was deserted this afternoon as the tide was rising. It was perfect for decompressing and filling the well. Sunday tranquility… enjoy! Best wishes, Anna

Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike

I missed out on the great weather yesterday. Despite the rainy day forecast I decided to venture to Clarke Head with the outgoing tide today. I barely made it to the beach when the drizzle started but water and wind-proof clothing kept me warm and dry for the two hour excursion. Partridge Island and CapeContinue reading “Seaweed and Barnacles Rainy Day Hike”

Signs of Winter…

My friend and I took in a couple hikes today. When we reached the beach near the mouth of the Ramshead River we discovered a true winter wonderland across the river from us. There was time to stop on the other side to inspect the gigantic icicles and ice covered rocks across from Cape SplitContinue reading “Signs of Winter…”

Winter Beach Treasures

The beach always offers up colour, even a dreary, grey winter day holds surprises under foot. Look closely and see the brightly coloured pebbles, the deep burgundy seaweed frozen in time or the soft red and cream of coral… Wishing you all a relaxing weekend, Anna

Partridge Island Hike Impressions

One week ago tomorrow I embarked on my hazard assessment hike to inspect the Partridge Island Eco Trail. The images above will serve as a memory boost… … the images here were from this afternoon’s hike. I had borrowed crampons from the local recreation department but they were not needed. We managed fine with hikingContinue reading “Partridge Island Hike Impressions”

Passing Through Lower Economy…

…on our way to Halifax today the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin presented a view I have never experienced before. There were ice chunks littering the foreground. The water itself was so calm that it provided the perfect opportunity for reflections for the headlands of Economy Point and Kiln Stack Island. Have a great startContinue reading “Passing Through Lower Economy…”