Beach find…

There it was, perched on top of a driftwood log, blending in perfectly: My first Eagle feather! We see the majestic birds soaring overhead on a daily basis but finding a feather was a wonderful surprise. I was tempted to pick it up, bring it home, covet it… but then I remembered an important aboriginal teaching: “When you find an Eagle feather stop, admire it but do not take it with you.”

I briefly touched the feather but found myself hesitating and not comfortable in picking it up. I remembered from previous readings that these feathers are sacred to all aboriginal tribes across the world. I decided to get a picture and do further research. When I opened up my FB account yesterday there was a link to this video… The next full moon on August 6th/7th, 2021 is called the “Birds Shedding Feathers Moon” according to Mi’kmaw tradition. Was it a coincidence that I would come upon the Eagle feather last Sunday at low tide?

While researching the topic further I came across this interesting CBC article from 2019. And then I found a definition of what it may mean when one finds an Eagle feather. Here is the quote from “”:

“You are being asked to step back in a situation and look at it from a distance before making a decision. Find the strength in weighing up your options before you make a firm decision. You are being guided to trust in the Universe…”

Wise words as I am facing some challenges along with my family in Germany who have been severely impacted by the recent flood of the Ahrtal. My initial reaction was to jump in and help in any way I could think of, short of jumping on an airplane. The walk on the beach was part of an attempt to center myself and calm down after the first detailed voice message from my sister. Walking calms me, the Eagle feather provided some clarity and brought peace to my overactive mind.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate the opportunity to journal and share my life and insights with all of you. I will post more images from this particular beach walk tomorrow. Warm wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “Beach find…

  1. Anna, very sorry to hear that your family has been impacted by the flooding. I’m glad you were able to find some solace on the beach and hope there is some light for your family as well. I appreciate the info shared about eagle feathers. I have been gifted some by a friend who has built a relationship with a pair of eagles. They visit her yard daily.

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