Awe-inspiring Landscape

The extensive slideshow I am sharing with you today is from a recent beach walk located between West Beach and Diligent River. The beach is rocky and not easy to navigate. Sturdy hiking boots made the roughly 8 km round-trip hike manageable. The geological formations at our end destination, at times shrouded in mysterious mist, requires no wordy descriptions. The slideshow photo essay is self-explanatory.

Warm wishes, Anna

8 thoughts on “Awe-inspiring Landscape

  1. The vertical rock formations, so symmetrical and colorful, are a really entrancing subject for your excellent photo study, Anna. Thank you for capturing their mysterious aura so beautifully – an aura so different from that of ghostly Spencer Island yet equally intriguing. Are there caves behind the slit openings in the rock I wonder? Could these miraculous natural phenomena ever be represented in a fibre collage I wonder? There is much to contemplate in their presence I am sure.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Judith. To answer your question: No, there are no caves beyond the split openings. These openings are very narrow and not very deep. I hesitate to explore them up close as the formations are constantly changing due to erosion and many of the rock formations do not appear to be very stable. The Fundy GeoPark rule is to admire the formations from a distance of “two school buses”. I don’t always stick to that but when you hear loose rocks sliding down the steep slopes it is a good reminder to pay close attention.


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