Low Tide at Second Beach

Parrsboro and region is home to many beaches, each with their own character and points of interest. First Beach is located near the Pier and the busy Harbour View restaurant. My friend and I walk it often. We chat in an attempt to solve the problems of the world (mostly our world) and, if we are lucky, we find some great beach glass.

Second Beach is a little further out and can be accessed from Two Islands Road by turning onto Hawks Lane. When I need some quiet time or want to ensure I am not running into too many people I head to Second Beach. Last Sunday was such a day, I needed some alone-time to regroup and calm my emotions.

The landscape mirrored my mood, a little dark and lacking focus… I parked the car and began to walk toward the point, a distinct landmark along this beach. The first time I walked here last November I was nearly trapped by the high tide. These days I check the tide table app on my phone before I venture out.

I was pondering the qualities of water, those of destruction and the healing properties. I tend to look at water as a healing force but I was recently reminded that this can turn very quickly. Germany has had a stark reminder of the destructive forces of water just last week. Several members of my sister’s family have been affected and we are all grateful that they are safe and well cared for at this time. My mind was in turmoil, much like the mud-infused water churning along the overflowing rivers of the Ahr region where the affected family members used to live.

I made myself walk out onto the tidal flats where the sand was compacted and tidal pools presented their natural beauty. I looked up…

…and I immediately recognized the distinctive shape of a Great Heron standing perfectly still while observing his hunting grounds. I ventured forward.

But, at a certain point the heron became uncomfortable with my presence and flew off. As soon as I changed my direction he returned…

…surveyed the landscape for a brief moment and lifted off flying low over the calm waters in search of richer fishing grounds.

The beach walk was healing as always. After the Eagle feather I found, I always love walking through calm and clear water over the tidal flats. The encounter with the heron was a wonderful experience to complete my short walk. I felt rejuvenated and recharged.

I hope this short beach walk adds a positive note to your day. If you go out today look around and you may be surprised about a new discovery you have not witnessed before. Warm wishes for a bright day, Anna

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