A Day Threatening Rain = Museum Time

We stopped into the Fundy Geological Museum yesterday afternoon. It’s reminiscent of a mini version of the Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, AB. It is compact but covers the local natural history in depth. I can’t wait for the grand-kids to come and visit. Dinosaurs are everywhere!!

I loved the interactive displays, especially this time-laps screen illustrating how the super-continent of Pangaea split apart. The fact that Parrsboro was once connected to Morocco is always difficult to grasp intellectually. However, these graphic images are self-explanatory.

When I taught Kindergarten eons ago we always told the story of Rock Soup… a different kind of rock soup, mind you… but this took me back! I decided to take images of the information as it might convey my personal fascination with each and every beach (and rock or pebble) I have explored thus far.

And every soup needs salt… Have you ever wondered where Windsor Salt derived its name from?

Have you heard of Eldon George? We saw him years ago on a Land & Sea episode on CBC. He was instrumental in establishing the museum while sharing his passion as a “rock hound” across the country.

A little more local history… from pre-historic times to the not so distant past!

The mighty Bay of Fundy put into perspective!

We had a fabulous time at the Fundy Geological Museum. Their gift shop has a great selection of local lore, books and even hand-crafted items. Here is the book we decided to pick up:

It’s a fantastic resource, filled with coast to coast to coast facts and information. If you come across it, you will find it as difficult to put down as we do.

Hope you enjoyed the short recap of yesterday’s excursion in images. Have a fantastic day. Best wishes, Anna

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