Among The Trees…

… was the title of the video that popped up on my phone today. Strange how it evoked a longing to head out and explore the forest. An hour after the video presented itself the notice, that hiking restrictions in wooded areas are now lifted in Nova Scotia, was issued. The rain we have enjoyedContinue reading “Among The Trees…”

After the rain…

Apple blossoms!!! Lupines!!! Prunus padus, better known as Mayday… a little late but ever so welcome! …last but not least, a reminder that black flies don’t only bother humans. Thanks to a couple doses of Benadryl Teak’s eyes are all better tonight and the itch is gone! Take your insect repellent and make sure toContinue reading “After the rain…”

Blog Post #730

Yes, 730 is not a fictitious number I pulled from the air or my imagination. Today’s entry truly constitutes my 730th blog post, two complete years of posting every day! It all started out with a more contemplative theme. I would choose one or two images, add some personal thoughts, a haiku or I wouldContinue reading “Blog Post #730”

Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?

The Upper Bay of Fundy Shore line must top your bucket list! The varied coast line within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark is one of the most diverse areas to explore. Each beach offers walkable terrain and captivating subject matter. The images here are of the Clarke Head guided tour on offer through Tide RollersContinue reading “Looking for Drama in Your Landscape Photographs?”

Fox Point Beach to Diligent River

Besides my first aid kit and plenty of water I like to leave a bit of room in my backpack for my sense of adventure. Today’s beach excursion was timed carefully to see how long we would have to get past the large seaweed covered rocks on the east side of FoxPoint Beach, explore theContinue reading “Fox Point Beach to Diligent River”

Long Weekend…

With the rain today it was time to spend some downtime planning… heading out early tomorrow for a beach excursion. Can’t wait to compare this cliff image with tomorrow’s. Based on past experiences the sandstone will be saturated with moisture and present even more vivid colours… check back tomorrow to see if I am correct.

Beach Impressions

Moody sky, unobstructed view of Five Islands and a vast beach to explore… great ingredients for a photo excursion… Happy Monday, Anna

Just a few close ups from recent excursions…

…clumps of moss, weathered driftwood, shelf fungi, newly emerged plants and a spiral lichen! Nature presents her gifts! Enjoy your Saturday. Best wishes, Anna

Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Coastal Trail – Final Section

Monday morning arrived with soft light and no rain. Breakfast was the quickest affair yet and with no tents to air or dry out we were back on the trail shortly after 7:30 am. 8 km to go… the finish line was so close! With positive energy we forged ahead fully aware of the oneContinue reading “Cape Chignecto Provincial Park Coastal Trail – Final Section”

Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS

On a grey and drizzly day the Red Rocks along West Advocate Beach always add a splash of much needed colour. On the way toward McGahey Brook, our turn around point yesterday, the sandstone formations appeared to be of a soft pink. On the way back the light had changed slightly due to the angleContinue reading “Red Rocks in West Advocate, NS”

Woodland Discoveries

We ventured back to Wards Falls today. Our primary reason was for conditioning, the goal we set was to complete the trail twice with our full packs. The total distance we estimated was somewhere around 14 km. We built in brief rests overlooking the falls each time and had lunch at the car after completingContinue reading “Woodland Discoveries”

Wards Falls Springtime Hike

With the sun out we decided to try a short hike with our full packs. Gaby and I each carried just over 30 lbs to see how we manage. The trail was virtually deserted, sunlight illuminated our surroundings adding springtime magic. Small waterfalls were rushing toward the stream. Soon we spotted the 16th bridge andContinue reading “Wards Falls Springtime Hike”

A “new to us” beach…

My friends and I embarked on a little hike today exploring a beach none of us had checked out before. The weather was perfect, the hiking group as well! It was a short 20 minute drive to Soley Cove Road where we parked the car close to beach access. The sun was out after aContinue reading “A “new to us” beach…”

Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…

Soley’s Cove was the destination of choice. No, it’s not first on the list for rock picking but my client had seen a recent blog post about a Soley Cove excursion and put in a special request. The weather and tides were in our favour and the opportunities to explore were unlimited! Everyone delighted inContinue reading “Last Day of Touring with my Guest from Montreal…”

Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends

It’s been a fabulous day here! One highlight was our personal “dance” lesson with “The Mistress of the Bay”, the mighty Bay of Fundy Tide. We set out about 45 minutes after low tide and experienced this beach a little different. None of us are slow walkers but we witnessed the water getting close toContinue reading “Easter Sunday Morning Hike to Clarke Head with Friends”