Connecting with the Community

A post on the local FaceBook Buy&Sell site invited anyone to take advantage of an abundance of fruit in this apple orchard last weekend. The poster was willing to share so she could connect with the community at large. All we had to do is send her a quick message to let her know when we would arrive. There were a total of 42 cultivated trees (the majority of the Cortland variety, which is close to MacIntosh) and the owner knew that she could not possibly use all the apples herself. What a treat to go and harvest. I knew that this type of sharing is common here and now I can report the experience myself.

It’s a great opportunity to not only pick some apples but also to meet like-minded people and reduce the waste along the road sides. Tessa’s orchard is on Glooscap Trail in Lower Economy overlooking the Bay of Fundy, just a short drive for us. We helped fill the basket for the Baptist Church while we were there.

We brought home a couple grocery shopping bags full with three variety of apples. This will keep me busy for a while.

The dehydrator has been working overtime… and the InstantPot helped in making quick and delicious apple sauce (sorry, no images for the apple sauce) which is already in the freezer for winter.

And, since we are back to getting together with our “Covid Bubble” friends, German Apple Streusel Cake was on the menu for Sunday afternoon tea. I love the scent of vanilla and cinnamon, don’t you?

This was our activity for mid-day Saturday. Check back tomorrow for what the afternoon had to offer. Enjoy your day, Anna

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