Halifax Public Gardens

The rain had stopped by the time we reached the city yesterday morning. The pups and I decided to spend the time walking and exploring the neighbourhood while we waited for Colin. I knew the Public Gardens were nearby and we set out in that direction. When I reached the main gate I realized pets are not allowed in the gardens, so, back to the car we went. With Ash and Teak comfortably nestled in their car seats I walked the short distance back to the Gardens and explored the early springtime display on my own.

Established in 1874 the Halifax Public Garden is among one of the oldest surviving Victorian Gardens in Canada. Construction took place from 1874 – 1879.

The well established trees are sure to provide shade once they are in full foliage.

Yesterday I delighted in the raindrop adorned magnolias in and around the water features and Band Stand.

I enjoyed the quiet surroundings and meandered at a leisurely pace.

There was so much to see and explore despite the early spring time and the absence of flower beds in bloom.

I look forward to returning to the Gardens as the seasons progress.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Best wishes, Anna

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