Refugee Cove Hike, Part 2

I could have stayed all day, sigh! But you know it’s time to push on when you see the tide rolling in.

The Cove is spectacular and it is difficult to imagine that within a short time it will be completely flooded.

The driftwood provided shelter from the wind and a good backrest while some nourishment was shared to provide energy for the long climb ahead…

Ascending the first cliff on its wide and well maintained path foreshadowed the rest of the hike back to Red Rocks from where we started. I managed that first “hill” relatively unscathed. We enjoyed the spring flowers and green shoots before the equally steep descent.

And here is the reward for climbing so high: a fabulous view toward Advocate Harbour.

Lucky for us, the path was dry! Since I left my hiking poles at home I was concentrating hard on each step and made it down Arch Gulch without slipping or tripping. Phew, one big “hill” successfully navigated!

I saw the signs and thought to myself “only six kilometres to go!” That was deceiving but helpful as I had no idea that the toughest stretch was just ahead, 2 km of even steeper climbing than the first “hill”… my biggest mistake was to stop and look ahead. It took my breath away and brought a momentary sensation of defeat. In the end I made it just fine, after much huffing and puffing. I definitely need more cardio workouts…

When the Red Rocks came into view a feeling of accomplishment came over me. I made it. I had met my personal challenge, I completed one of the most demanding hikes in many years.

Heather and I had inadvertently pulled ahead of the pack and decided to enjoy some ocean time overlooking the Red Rocks while waiting for everyone to catch up.

This hiking adventure will stay with me for a very long time. It was a privilege to be invited and with it I have met a personal fitness goal I can expand from.

Hope you enjoy today’s images and recap of the epic hike! Enjoy your long weekend. Best wishes, Anna

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