This sums it up…

I don’t think I need to add a caption to this image… the background info: Teak went outside into the freezing yard. He did his business and decided that it was time to get one of us to pick him up from the backyard. He refused to take another step! He is not leaving his cuddle space on the couch!

The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow. We are all hopeful. Happy Saturday, friends. Stay warm! Best wishes, Anna

2 thoughts on “This sums it up…

  1. It was a day and night to remember to turn the vents open on the heating system. In Australia they determine how many dogs to sleep with. This was more that a three dog night.

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣 yes, it was interesting trying to figure out at what point to switch from electric heat pump to oil heat… a first for us. When we had a gas furnace in AB and SK there were few concerns… except when we had power outages at -40C (and that never just lasted one night). All things considered, this was not so bad.


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