Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…

The glorious sunrise promised a fabulous day ahead. A visitor to our town was interested in a little excursion, so we spent the morning exploring beaches and vistas! Strangers when we met, friends as we part tonight! What a way to spend November 29th. Can’t get enough of the sunshine! Hope everyone’s Tuesday was asContinue reading “Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…”

Near Sunset

The tidal river at the bottom of our backyard was teeming with Canada Geese and ducks just seconds before I made the image above. No matter how carefully I try to approach it takes only one twig to snap under my foot and dozens of water birds take flight! With the large flock loudly honkingContinue reading “Near Sunset”

A Touch of Magic…

…as the village begins to transform. Each day more Christmas decorations are appearing best viewed and appreciated after dark! These images were captured on our way home from choir tonight. All we need is snow!😜 The Christmas spirit is beginning to stir especially after two hours of Carol rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Good night,Continue reading “A Touch of Magic…”

Speechless at Sunset

We were winding down a belated birthday party for friends when the sky exploded with colour… on the way home I just had to swing by the Pier. Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Enjoy, Anna


Labour Day weekend has always been a reminder that summer is slowly transitioning. This morning I was greeted by a chill in the air and I took note of how the sun’s path has gradually changed. I love autumnal light. It is softer and reveals certain details in nature we overlook during hot summer days.Continue reading “Changes…”

Tour Day!

Sometimes the best days are those that are planned at the spur of the moment. Today was such a day! Two lovely guests to Parrsboro were interested in exploring the shore. We made it to Phinney Green just before high tide. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the beach perfectly for pictures. The afternoonContinue reading “Tour Day!”

Rich Local Natural History

A half hour just before the tide rolled in last Sunday yielded some nice crystal finds at Partridge Island beach. Our area is a rock hound’s paradise and multiple-guided tours stop at this beach regularly. Parrsboro is uniquely situated on the Minas Basin and as such has had an important place in how the planetContinue reading “Rich Local Natural History”

Blossom Time

During my evening walk I realized: it’s apple blossom season. Parrsboro has many wild apple trees throughout. The light last night was favourable without casting too many shadows. Happy Wednesday! Best wishes, Anna

When the Fog Rolls in…

While walking to the beach yesterday I noticed the fog rolling in. With the mournful song of the fog horn accompanying the mist I could hardly wait to get to the pier. What awaited me was a real treat for the senses. The fog seems to muffle the sounds, everything appears more quiet, almost likeContinue reading “When the Fog Rolls in…”

Catching the Sunrise

I always feel encouraged and uplifted when the sunrise is without clouds. This view from our living room window never gets old. In an uncertain world a sunrise like this provides us with hope for health and peace, love, adventure and creativity. Best wishes, Anna

Digging out…

… from the latest snow storm! We are grateful: for heat, electricity, good food and the amazing caring neighbours who lend a hand where needed! Thank you Parrsboro! Happy Sunday. We look forward to sunny weather shortly. Best wishes, Anna

And so it begins…

The forecast for a major winter storm has been circulating in the news for several days. With temperatures around +10 C yesterday and blue skies I made it to the beach twice. In the morning the tide was out and it afforded us a nice, leisurely walk. When I returned to the same beach theContinue reading “And so it begins…”