Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers: Excitement is Building!!

I have been spending a bit too much time in the office lately. Getting ready for tourist season is exciting but looking at so many hike destination images I yearn for some much needed outdoor time. And yet it’s important that all necessary steps are taken to ensure safety measures are in place, insurance policyContinue reading “Tide Rollers & Mudlarkers: Excitement is Building!!”

Landscape Layers

A beautiful day but no time to explore the beaches far from home… Between crossings things off my to-do-list and facilitating my cross-Canada artists group via Zoom I took 45 minutes for a brisk walk along First and Second Beaches. I was struck by the ethereal layers the landscape presented. Such a gift! Hope yourContinue reading “Landscape Layers”

Rack Cards are Here!

It’s official! I took the plunge, the business name Tide Roller & Mudlarkers was registered as a business in Nova Scotia recently and I am gearing up for a bush tourist season. My rack cards are here and will be distributed shortly. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Bestwishes, Anna

The Other Side of the Polar Freeze…

The weather has turned! Time to head back to the beach. We checked out Ottawa House Beach where we were treated to great wave action and some fabulous ice formations! An amazing treat to photograph with special thanks to Mother Nature!! Happy Sunday! Stay warm, Anna

This sums it up…

I don’t think I need to add a caption to this image… the background info: Teak went outside into the freezing yard. He did his business and decided that it was time to get one of us to pick him up from the backyard. He refused to take another step! He is not leaving hisContinue reading “This sums it up…”

Afternoon Adventure in the Rain

I am sure everyone has a spot in the town or village they reside in that could use some attention. I have been walking past a popular teenage hangout on a wooded hill almost daily for two years now. It’s tolerable in the summer when the bushes and trees are in full foliage but onceContinue reading “Afternoon Adventure in the Rain”

Backyard Red Pine Tree Study

The bottom of our backyard is a favourite place for the pups to romp. This morning, with snow flakes dancing from the sky, I joined them in their favourite spot. It gave me time to take a look around. As branches were covered with a layer of snow I became more aware of intersecting linesContinue reading “Backyard Red Pine Tree Study”

A Night of Music and Community Spirit at the Hall in Parrsboro

With four candles lit on the aAdvent wreath Christmas Day us approaching fast. After hosting a group of senior volunteers for tea and home-made goodies yesterday afternoon … …it was time for the Parrsboro Hall’s Christmas Concert tonight. Various music groups (choir, jazz band and the strummers) treated the community to a special performance. Dr.Continue reading “A Night of Music and Community Spirit at the Hall in Parrsboro”

Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…

The glorious sunrise promised a fabulous day ahead. A visitor to our town was interested in a little excursion, so we spent the morning exploring beaches and vistas! Strangers when we met, friends as we part tonight! What a way to spend November 29th. Can’t get enough of the sunshine! Hope everyone’s Tuesday was asContinue reading “Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…”

Near Sunset

The tidal river at the bottom of our backyard was teeming with Canada Geese and ducks just seconds before I made the image above. No matter how carefully I try to approach it takes only one twig to snap under my foot and dozens of water birds take flight! With the large flock loudly honkingContinue reading “Near Sunset”

A Touch of Magic…

…as the village begins to transform. Each day more Christmas decorations are appearing best viewed and appreciated after dark! These images were captured on our way home from choir tonight. All we need is snow!😜 The Christmas spirit is beginning to stir especially after two hours of Carol rehearsal for the upcoming concert. Good night,Continue reading “A Touch of Magic…”

Speechless at Sunset

We were winding down a belated birthday party for friends when the sky exploded with colour… on the way home I just had to swing by the Pier. Happy Friday evening, everyone!! Enjoy, Anna


Labour Day weekend has always been a reminder that summer is slowly transitioning. This morning I was greeted by a chill in the air and I took note of how the sun’s path has gradually changed. I love autumnal light. It is softer and reveals certain details in nature we overlook during hot summer days.Continue reading “Changes…”

Tour Day!

Sometimes the best days are those that are planned at the spur of the moment. Today was such a day! Two lovely guests to Parrsboro were interested in exploring the shore. We made it to Phinney Green just before high tide. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the beach perfectly for pictures. The afternoonContinue reading “Tour Day!”

Rich Local Natural History

A half hour just before the tide rolled in last Sunday yielded some nice crystal finds at Partridge Island beach. Our area is a rock hound’s paradise and multiple-guided tours stop at this beach regularly. Parrsboro is uniquely situated on the Minas Basin and as such has had an important place in how the planetContinue reading “Rich Local Natural History”