Wednesday Afternoon Community Hike to the Brookville Formation

The weather and tides cooperated for a fantastic afternoon hike to the Brookville Formation, a notable destination within the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark.

Pointing the way…

I rarely meet anyone along this beach and today was another quiet day. A lone eagle circled overhead but our eyes were fixed on reaching the basalt formation that is part of the Fundy shore between Five Islands and Cape d’Or.

I am partial to this beach with its colourful pebbles and massive sea stacks.

I was looking forward to waving hello to the meditating monkey on his lofty perch… but at some time over the past six months he disappeared… I think he jumped down during one of the storms… perhaps another victim of Fiona? Can you spot him in the image on the right? Click on the images above and compare, the left image was taken today. The one on the right was pre-Fiona.

My hiking partners had never been to this beach but I am sure they will soon return!

Hiking info: Access to the beach is from Wards Brook Road across a creek. Once on the beach turn right and the Brookville Formation stands proud in the distance. The terrain is a mix of black sand and pebbles, easy to navigate.

Be mindful of the tides as this beach gets fully submerged at high tide and does not offer an escape route or an elevation where one can wait out the turning of the tide.

Enjoy today’s destination images. Happy Wednesday, Anna

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