Jeffers Falls

A misty Wednesday, grey and threatening rain off and on for most of the day, perfect for spending some time exploring the woods. I recently found out that a sign at the Jeffers Falls trailhead had been installed. Today we had a chance to check it out. While the trail was described as easy withContinue reading “Jeffers Falls”

Just One More Beach at Golden Hour

It’s hard to believe that it’s St. Nicholas Eve. The day was filled with an abundance of sunshine. My friend and I ventured out to Phinney Green for an invigorating walk along the cliffs toward Brookville. The tide had not yet turned when we reached the car so on the way back to Parrsboro weContinue reading “Just One More Beach at Golden Hour”

Santa Came to Town…

The neighbourhood was all decked out tonight! Main Street was teeming with excited children respectfully staying on the sidewalks… …until finally the floats moved past! It was much warmer this year but my personal take away from tonight is that the excitement last year was more intense after missing a year due to Covid. It’sContinue reading “Santa Came to Town…”

Special Date and Event

What are YOU doing on December 21st, otherwise known as Winter Solstice? I am planning a special sunset hike to Clarke Head at low tide. Here is the preliminary information: This information is also found on the tour info page on this website. Contact me for additional details of to register <> Looking forward toContinue reading “Special Date and Event”

Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…

The glorious sunrise promised a fabulous day ahead. A visitor to our town was interested in a little excursion, so we spent the morning exploring beaches and vistas! Strangers when we met, friends as we part tonight! What a way to spend November 29th. Can’t get enough of the sunshine! Hope everyone’s Tuesday was asContinue reading “Down Shore Drive with a New Friend…”

The Tree

I love trees! I am convinced they have a story to tell in the way the bark peels, curls back, reveals another layer, introduces striations and patterns. Such individuality, such movement – infinite possibilities! Have a fabulous Saturday! Be inspired – look at a tree!! Enjoy, Anna

A Windy but Productive Day

We woke up to -2 C this morning… and a stiff wind was blowing. But nothing deters us when we have committed to a beach clean up. Our friend Heather had organized this event and as good friends we didn’t want to leave her hanging. We braved the cold (at least -10 C with theContinue reading “A Windy but Productive Day”

Environmental Textures

The day started out windy but with the promise of sunshine. By early afternoon we actually had some large snowflakes flying past the windows but the moisture soon turned to rain. Instead of exploring nature at one of the beaches I perused my vast image library and got “stuck” on these eye catching geological textures.Continue reading “Environmental Textures”

Witnessing the Tide Come In

The weather today was warm and dry, perfect for taking my friend out for a belated birthday beach excursion. Phinney Green is always a great place to listen to the waves and watch the tide roll in. The light was soft and magical… …and the blue sky emerged with high tide early afternoon. Wishing everyoneContinue reading “Witnessing the Tide Come In”

Lunar Eclipse

The Blood Moon Eclipse was well under way by the time we arrived at Partridge Island Beach this morning… Getting out of the car was a challenge. The wind was howling as you can hear on the video. We stayed until the moon set behind the cliffs and never saw it emerging after it wasContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse”

Delighting in Small Things

When a pinched nerve prevents regular beach hikes or even a simple walk through town one must delight in beauty close to home. The last two weeks have been a challenge… starting tomorrow I will have to get some help with this issue😊. Enjoy my backyard view with me. Happy Sunday, Anna

A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

Two years ago we explored this area for the first time. It was our first day out of quarantine (remember those days?). We donned our masks and drove down shore to see what the Fundyshore has to offer. The image above was taken this morning while reflecting on our great life here for the pastContinue reading “A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…”

Busy Spiders…

Those who know me well remember that I don’t carry a particular fondness for spiders… in the house. This year our autumn just continues to surprise us with warm temperatures and the outdoor spiders have been busy! I decided to share a few of the images I gathered over the past month. Enjoy and allContinue reading “Busy Spiders…”

It’s a real treat…

…to live in the area labelled: the wild blueberry capital of Canada. When we moved here we had no idea what these brightly coloured fields lining the roads were all about. Two years and a few days ago we travelled toward our destination ooohing and aaahing about the glowing reds guiding us toward Parrsboro. WeContinue reading “It’s a real treat…”

Rainy Day Impressions

On my walk to weekly writing group I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet nature of a misty fall day. Stopping for various discoveries, admiring them and trying to capture the moment I nearly arrived late! The monochromatic landscape paired well with coloured contemplative discoveries along the way. Enjoy and immerse yourselves. Best wishes, Anna