Charting New Territory

I am always up for an adventure and exploring areas I have not visited before. I was invited to join friends and their German visitors to explore the other side of Partridge Island. This has been on my bucket list ever since I enjoyed the view from the look off from the top. As withContinue reading “Charting New Territory”

Happy Canada Day!

I can hardly believe it: this is our second Canada Day living in Nova Scotia. Time seemed to just fly! The day promises to be filled with great activities. Our choir will be performing at Ottawa House by the Sea. I snapped the picture above during our dress rehearsal last night. There is also aContinue reading “Happy Canada Day!”

Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Last week I upgraded my blog to include video clips. It’s only fitting that I start sharing some moving pictures. I have chosen two clips: the top video was captured from the look off at Five Island Lighthouse Park on Saturday, June 25th around low tide. The video below was captured from approximately the sameContinue reading “Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia”

Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide

A vacationing couple from Halifax contacted me Saturday morning. Heidi from the Pleasant Street Inn suggested had passed on my information and we connected in person just as they were finishing one of the Pleasant Street Inn’s epic breakfasts. We met up Sunday afternoon and ventured out onto the mudflats together for a two hourContinue reading “Another Day, Another Tour: Soley’s Cove at Low Tide”

The First Day of Summer

…and the forest was calling! I follow a number of mushroom foraging groups on Facebook and saw images of early chanterelle discoveries last weekend. What better day to head out and check my favourite harvesting spots? It was a cool morning and I didn’t really get my hopes up too high. I think we needContinue reading “The First Day of Summer”

Wild Roses in the Bay of Fundy

Each June the wild roses burst open and invade gardens, road ways and beaches with their bright colour and intoxicating scent! This rose bush is just a few steps from our home, I must return to the Phinney Green where the wild roses are mesmerizing! All the best for a fabulous Wednesday! Anna

After Dinner Walk at Ottawa House Beach

After a rainy Saturday the sun was a welcome sight today. I got out for two short beach walks. The walk after supper at Ottawa House beach was glorious with a nice breeze across the water. What a way to conclude a weekend. Ready to end May and start June this week! Stay tuned forContinue reading “After Dinner Walk at Ottawa House Beach”

Three Sisters

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of viewing the Three Sisters formation in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park while hiking to Anderson Cove. It was awe inspiring and I was excited to see them from a different vantage point during an upcoming outing to Eatonville. Yesterday’s outing was spectacular. An easy walk from the EatonvilleContinue reading “Three Sisters”

Springtime Impressions

After a day of mist and rain the trees are coming into full leaf. Flowering shrubs are lining the road and during my after dinner walk I noticed lovely floral scents in the air. Spring is in full swing and the rain is ridding the world of dust presenting us bright colours. Happy Tuesday, Amna

Exploring New Territory

When the invitation to join a hike to Seal Cove was posted on my FaceBook hiking group I decided to bow out of writing group and join the adventure instead. The trailhead to Seal Cove is well over an hour from Parrsboro. I headed to Apple River and into unknown territory beyond, a true adventureContinue reading “Exploring New Territory”

Partridge Island Beach Rocks

Ottawa House Beach is a popular destination for gentle walks. Earlier this week I arrived at a time when the tide was receding. Glooscap Grandmother’s Cooking Pots we’re bubbling, seaweed and kelp adorned the pebbles along the high tide line. The basalt cliffs beckoned… I headed in their direction and discovered a whole new beach…Continue reading “Partridge Island Beach Rocks”

Skeletal Remains

Just as the sun was slipping below the horizon a shape resembling a rib cage caught my eye from afar. I just had to investigate. The “rib cage” turned out to be a rusted culvert glowing in the light of the setting sun. Sometimes my imagination goes wild! Happy Wednesday, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

My Sunday afternoon search for the sun…

…was somewhat successful. At the end the clouds parted and revealed tiny spots of blue! These images are from down shore at Diligent River and Fox River. The capture with the red chair is titled “Is it Summer yet?” Happy Monday, everyone! May the sun shine brightly wherever you are today. Best wishes, Anna

A Perfect Day…

…for a quick hike to Clarke Head before the tide rolls in! Yesterday’s sunshine was very inviting. In fact, I decided first thing in the morning that Clarke Head was calling! As always, there was a lot to take in and explore. This stretch along the Parrsboro Shore in the Minas Basin is always hardContinue reading “A Perfect Day…”