Thomes Cove Cliffs of Fundy Geo Site Excursion

Thomas Cove in Economy, NS is located not far from the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark Welcome Centre. The turn off along Hwy 209 is well signed. The gravel road leading to the parking lot is relatively well maintained. The parking lot is spacious and two trails lead to two different trail experiences. I will cover the woodland trail to the rope access onto the Jurassic era sandstone shelves in today’s blog post.

The trailhead is clearly marked and the terrain is easy with a few sections leading over roots and through boggy underbrush. We opted not to do the loop through the woods back to the parking lot. Instead some of us used the rope to get down to the sandstone shelf. Full disclosure: the bottom section is very soft and I ended up losing my footing sliding the last five feet to the bottom. There were no injuries, just red mud-caked hands, boots and clothing.

We timed our excursion for outgoing tide and easily navigated the sandstone terrain. The views of the eroding cliffs was impressive and there were some interesting rock finds. The final stretch takes the hiker across an expansive marsh grass covered bay that leads back to the walking path. If the ropes are too daunting the beach and sandstone coves are accessible via this marsh. Just ensure you are familiar with the tide schedule for the day you are visiting the Thomas Cove Geo Site.

Please note: It’s early spring and the biting insects are not buzzing yet. This will change once the weather warms up. I have visited this site in June and applying insect repellant is a must. Today we used tick repellent spray (Atlantick Brand) around our ankles and calves just to be on the safe side. Ticks are active year-round with temperatures +4C and above.

Happy hiking, Anna

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