Thomas Cove, Part Three

All good things come in threes… at least that’s what my grandmother used to say. The sun beckoned today and I could not stay inside. So, back to Thomas Cove, I went with my friend Robyn. It was time for checking trails for the third time this week😃

The tide was rolling in, the wind was strong and the sun illuminated the marshland, red cliffs and mossy woodland terrain.

We navigated the Headlands Trail Loop first. It clocked in at 4.16 km which we completed in 1hr5min. The map on the interpretive sign is definitely correct. Our hiking pace was steady but we stopped to chat and admire the view regularly.

With time to spare we decided to tackle the Economy Trail Loop as well. We started out along the path overlooking the cliffs. Once we reached the rope (check Wednesday’s post here) we carried on along the cliffside trail. The views toward Economy and Five Islands Provincial Park are spectacular. Eventually, the loop leads back to the parking lot through the woods. Cushy sun-dappled moss and countless downed trees caused by Hurricane Fiona had us marvelling at nature’s force, both positive and humbling!

This looped trail also came in at around 4 km. We took a little more time examining animal tracks, testing the pillowy quality of the moss around us and locating the markers to keep us on the path.

My personal preference was the Economy Trail Loop. It offers diverse opportunities, breathtaking views, and the option to scramble down to the sandstone rocks, tree-lined paths and mossy terrain. I will definitely return for another excursion soon. A Saturday in the sun well spent!

Enjoy your weekend, Anna

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