Thomas Cove Headlands Loop

Let’s continue where we left off yesterday. I reported on the Thomas Cove GeoSite in my previous post. Today i will provide some o sights on the Thomas Cove Headlands Trail Loop. The site map claims this loop to be 4 km in length. Our small group set a moderate pace and spent over two hours circumnavigating the headlands. I plan to return soon and use my distance tracker for more I depth info.

We took in some breathtaking views and even discovered some buds that will be bursting soon.

The terrain can be classified as “easy” with a few boggy sections, exposed roots and gentle inclines. Most of the wet sections offer planks to avoid getting feet muddy and wet. Overall the trail was well maintained with the Fiona damage well cleared and under control. Bring you trekking poles for better balance. Once the weather warms up I strongly recommend bringing and applying insect repellant. You will be happy that I included this reminder here.😊

The trail is never very busy! Come and explore soon! Happy exploring, Anna

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