Fox Point Beach Hike

The parking area overlooking Fox Point Beach is just large enough for three or four vehicles. A short walk through a forested area takes us to this vast and diverse beach.

I always love exploring this beach. The first time I came was early April 2021. I was fascinated by the cliffs, rock formations, seaweed covered boulders and the unique colouring of the rock faces. Shortly after my first visit I found out that Andy Goldsworthy had visited and worked on this particular beach several years ago. Andy Goldsworthy is an internationally respected and well-known sculptor, photographer and artist. If you don’t know of him, google his name. I promise you: You will not be disappointed!

The tide was slowly moving in. It’s always such a tranquil time watching and listening to the waves.

Each beach offers amazing details, all one has to do is look a little closer…

Thanks for checking my blog entry today. It is a pleasure to share my impressions!

Interested in your personal photo expedition? Book a guided tour and I will start planning. Happy Wednesday, Anna

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