The Joy of New Boots

The beach at Glooscap Campground looking toward Parrsboro, NS.

Yes, the first hike with new boots was very exciting. My old runners just didn’t cut it any more. I can’t even count the many times I came home after a beach excursion with my feet cold and wet, my runners soaked and never really drying out between excursions. I finally took the time to check out a pair of hiking boots advertising that they were breathable for extra comfort and best of all, they were supposed to be water-proof. As soon as I slipped them on in the store I knew they would give me the comfort and dryness I was after.

I was not going to wait for the next day to break them in! That evening we ventured out to Glooscap Campground, cameras in tow. The beach at Glooscap is the best place to try out a new pair of hikers! It has varying terrain, anything from sand to small pebbles to larger rocks and boulders. I climbed wet boulders without slipping on seaweed, I walked without twisting my ankle and best of all, my feet stayed dry.

With the sun about to set in the west we walked as far as the first rocky outcropping where the tide was still high on the beach. These images I could not have captured was it not for my wonderful new foot wear. The hole in the rock measures about 2.5 meters at its greatest height but climbing through would not suffice as the other side was also under water due to the level of tide.

We soon turned back to ensure we would leave the park by sunset, worried we might not be able to leave with the gates closing. Another great beach outing made even better with the perfect boots. Thanks for reliving the experience with me. The boots are holding up well! More excursions to come!

Best wishes, Anna

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