Story Time?

I love the beach at Ottawa House by the Sea near Partridge Island in Parrsboro. We visited here for the first time in 2018 and that visit contributed greatly to our decision to make Nova Scotia our home.

Ottawa House by the Sea has a long history and its focus is to keep traditions and memories alive. July 22nd weekly story time resumed after a long hiatus due to Covid restrictions. There was a sense of excitement among our friends… their statement “It’s story time at Ottawa house tonight…” seemed like an open invitation not to be ignored. We decided to check it out. We are still a bit leery when it comes to gatherings of people we don’t know.

Ottawa House-by-the-Sea

But, there was no need to worry. A small group of locals were welcoming us on the front porch with warm smiles, we made our way to the storytelling room where several chairs were set up and we were encouraged to stick to our bubble. Masks are still mandatory here in Nova Scotia and we all observed protocol, only the person delivering a story was able to remove their mask to make it easier to project their voice and for us to hear them more clearly. I didn’t realize how much lip reading I am doing… still getting used to the Maritime pronunciation of certain words or phrases. (insert big grin here…)

I was able to watch the sky changing through the bay window and soon dusk followed the fast moving “cloud show”. The individual stories told and read were captivating and after nearly two hours coffee and squares were served. Admission is $2/person. Where can you get solid historical entertainment for such a bargain price these days? Parrsboro works hard at keeping history alive, to invite newcomers and make them feel at home. We had a great time, met some locals and learned a few things. We also learned that the Annual Car Show would be happening on July 24th. I will follow up with images and a story shortly!

Driving home we admired the almost full moon. I just love how different it looks from different vantage points. After I entered the living room and discovered it “hiding” behind the white pine I had to go outside on the deck once more to capture a couple images.

If you ever find yourself in Parrsboro, NS on a Thursday night during the summer try to take in storytelling night at the Ottawa House-by-the-Sea. You won’t be disappointed!

Stay tuned for more local activities now that Covid restrictions are slowly relaxing. Have a wonderful week. Warm wishes, Anna

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