Evening Walk

After e few low-energy days I took the drive to Partridge Island after dinner. The beach between Partridge Island and Ottawa House is an easy one to walk, quite sheltered and pleasant when it comes to avoiding the wind as well.

Just as I was looking for a suitable parking spot my attention was drawn to East Bay where the fishing weir is located and beyond. Cape Blomidon was shrouded in a rolling fog bank all the way to Cape Split, truly magical! It captured my attention immediately and I veered off the initial path to find a parking spot for easy access to East Bay Beach.

The approach through the salt marsh is “littered” with well-weathered driftwood and some of the puddles are deep and “swim-worthy”. It’s always an adventure visiting East Bay. As soon as we stepped onto the beach we were glad to have brought jackets as the temperature was less pleasant. The wind made us keenly aware that this beach is more exposed than most in our area.

At the same time, East Beach is unique with its rugged geological formations of fragile cliffs that had substantially altered their physical appearance through accelerated erosion since we visited last time only a few short months ago. It is a haven for fossil hunters and geologists alike but caution is necessary when it comes to exploring the rocks near the cliffs.

I always admire the cottage property owners along this beach as it takes a rugged individual to endure the strong winds and significantly lower temperatures this beach presents. However, at the same time, this beach is always less busy and affords any visitor a place for solitude.

The tide was coming in with force and once we reached the seaweed-covered rocks we turned back in the direction of Partridge Island. There, in the distance Cape Blomidon had shed its mysterious mantle of fog and the strong landmark of the Minas Basin was once again fully visible before sunset.

Thank you for tagging along on my evening walk. I hope you enjoyed the images and additional information to click on, just in case you are planning a trip to our amazing area in Nova Scotia one day. Best wishes and stay safe, Anna

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