A Walk About Parrsboro, NS

After the rain stopped it was time for a walk to stretch my legs. I realized I had not taken many pictures while exploring the town we call home. Let me make up for this today! I love the time after a good rain, everything appears so lush and clean and finding the occasional raindrop suspended from a berry is a bonus!

Not far from home I decided to turn onto Layton Street. I can see the church tower of the United Baptist Church from my kitchen window.

These shelf fungi always catch my eye and this time I made the images I had planned to create for ages. Layton Street leads onto Eastern Avenue. Turning right the road leads to Truro, I chose to turn left toward Main Street and the centre of town.

The old tree, as one approaches the intersection on Main Street, captures everyone’s attention. I love the whimsy of the mock bird houses.

Located immediately across the street are the Bandstand and a public art sculpture. The Bandstand is a popular meeting point for the locals. Every Sunday we get to enjoy a free concert while mingling with friends and meeting newcomers to the area. Any donations collected by the musical presenters go to a charity of their choice. It the perfect reason to come out and take in a weekly concert!

Parrsboro is a small town but it has its very own Tim Horton’s. I laid eyes on this coffee shop for the first time in 2008 and was really impressed by how well it fit into the town’s architecture. This is the only franchised restaurant in town. It is well supported by the locals as the only coffee take-out in town.

A few steps on we have our Ice Cream Shop which boasts long line ups when the Bandstand hosts a musical event or when Parrsboro Creative organizes the occasional Artist Pop Up Show. On a sunny day it is a popular destination as well.

I followed Lower Main Street for a short distance. From the local gas station and auto repair, the COOP Grocery Store, the Anglican Church and its hall where we have a weekly Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, the drugstore, antique store, souvenir store, Post Office, second hand clothing store, restaurants, the craft brewery and so much more are conveniently located on this main artery through town.

The arts are alive and well in our little town. Creativity has no bounds!

My errand led me onto Victoria Street past the library. Yes, we have a library and it is only about an 8 minute walk from our house.

Just a few snap shots before I return to Main Street…

…and probably the most photographed spot in town!

You can’t escape the dinosaurs in our little town. The Fundy Geological Museum is not far… just a short drive from here and down Two Islands Road after one turns left at the epitaph …

…across the bridge at the Aboiteau.

I turn left here onto Willow Street. Thanks for joining me on this short walk about town. It’s wonderful on a grey day and just imagine how brilliant the colours are on a sunny day!

And, if you are interested in a little bit of Parrsboro history, here is a link.

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday. Best wishes, Anna

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