Spectacular Views…

The Glooscap Trail is an alternate route to take when traveling from Amherst to Truro. Yes, it is significantly longer but if you have the time do yourself a favour and veer off. The Trail leads you through Parrsboro and along the Bay of Fundy and the views are magnificent. How lucky are we to live on this amazing road. We travel it regularly when we have appointments in Truro or its surrounding villages.

We finally took the time a couple of weeks ago and stopped into the Cliffs of Fundy Geopark Welcome Centre in Central Economy (also known as the Cobequid Welcome Centre). The staff and volunteers are well informed and their passion for this region really shows in the personalized tours they are willing to lead.

This hard-to-overlook landmark is one of the main attraction for tourists. The WW II watch tower was moved from Jacob’s Lane Beach to the location along the Glooscap Trail in the 1990s. Community fundraising efforts have put this monument on the map.

We really enjoyed our interaction with the staff and when Anita offered to take us up the tower we accepted… Well, I am not one too fond of heights and it took some serious self-talk to get me out of the stairwell and onto the observation deck at the very top of the tower.

The 360 degree view is spectacular! From the Cobequid Mountains in the north and east to Parrsboro and Cape Split in the distance looking west and the vast tidal flats of the Minas Basin this was worth the climb up the narrow staircase and emerging high above the parking lot.

We learned a lot of the significance of this area during WW II, the geological discoveries and Colin might have found another lead that will prove beneficial in his genealogical research on his mom’s side.

Have a great Sunday. Best wishes, Anna

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