Marsh Bubbles…

The marsh near Partridge Island sits on top of ancient basalt beds. With each tide cycle we witness tiny bubbles emerging from the porous rocks. Ancient indigenous legends tell us that the spots where the water bubbles are Glooscap’s Grandmother’s Cooking Pots. No matter how often I witness this phenomenon I never grow tired ofContinue reading “Marsh Bubbles…”

Treasure Hunt…

…on a frosty morning! Yes, this was the first frost we have encountered this fall. And a glorious walk followed. The sun was up and rapidly warming the landscape. The jewel-like ice crystals surrounding leaves and flowers melted quickly but not until I had time to explore nature’s gifts. Hope your Monday presented you withContinue reading “Treasure Hunt…”

Explosion of Colour

Each day there are changes… fall colours are getting stronger and more prolific. I am hosting our local Contemplative Photography group tomorrow morning, the theme is “Flowers & Weeds”. I look forward to everyone’s submission for the review. Fall is the perfect time to explore this particular theme. Here are a few of my findsContinue reading “Explosion of Colour”

Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

…Thanks for checking in today. I received numerous messages inquiring about our well-being. Here is the short version of the situation in Parrsboro: We have had no power since midnight and no cell phone service in town. I finally found connectivity with my cell phone near the pier. We weathered the storm without damage toContinue reading “Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…”

And suddenly it is autumn…

I know, I know… there are still a few days of summer left according to the calendar and yet, the light has definitely changed. Sunsets tend to bathe the forest across the river in rich gold tones and burgundies push greens from creeping vines. The apples are ripening and the days are much shorter. AllContinue reading “And suddenly it is autumn…”

The Heron

During my walk along Ottawa House Beach earlier this week I met the resident heron. It’s been some time since I sorted him. This time he wasn’t nearly as skidding as before. I was able to approach to within fifty feet. It added joy to my day! Wishing you all a happy Thursday. Best wishes,Continue reading “The Heron”

Slowly and very quietly…

…reminders that autumn is on its way are more visible with each day. Hope your Tuesday is filled with colour! Best wishes, Anna

The final resting place…

We came across this remote cemetery today. The afternoon was perfect and we couldn’t help but stop and explore. The lichens called for a study up close… …and the ancient tree cast shadows! Happy Friday! Best wishes. Anna

July Outing to Clarke Head

It has been a glorious morning already. I just returned from a quick hike to Clarke Head, my favourite place close to Parrsboro. After all the rain yesterday todays sunshine provides a welcome change. It is summer after all! Not a cloud in the sky, waves crashing at the shore and not a soul inContinue reading “July Outing to Clarke Head”

Sharing the Experience!

As newcomers to the Parrsboro Shore you know that you belong once you have experienced the “Meeting of the Waters” at Two Islands around the full moon. Another new member to the community reached out last week to find out more about hiking and exploring the beaches. I decided to share the ultimate experience withContinue reading “Sharing the Experience!”

Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia

Last week I upgraded my blog to include video clips. It’s only fitting that I start sharing some moving pictures. I have chosen two clips: the top video was captured from the look off at Five Island Lighthouse Park on Saturday, June 25th around low tide. The video below was captured from approximately the sameContinue reading “Comparing the Landscape overlooking Five Islands, Nova Scotia”

Rich Local Natural History

A half hour just before the tide rolled in last Sunday yielded some nice crystal finds at Partridge Island beach. Our area is a rock hound’s paradise and multiple-guided tours stop at this beach regularly. Parrsboro is uniquely situated on the Minas Basin and as such has had an important place in how the planetContinue reading “Rich Local Natural History”

A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!

What a way to honour the May long weekend Sunday. A group of hikers from Moncton inquired if I could show them the way to Clarke Head. You know my answer to their question. Of course I will share this epic beach excursion! As soon as we rounded the arch the sun burst through theContinue reading “A Gray Start to The Day Brought Brilliant Sunshine!”

Golden Light

It was a beautiful day yesterday, Easter Monday. We had appointments in Amherst all day and I missed my opportunity for a longer hike. Instead I carved out time for a sunset walk. I am always in awe of Golden Hour, that time before the sun slips beyond the horizon. The light seems to paintContinue reading “Golden Light”

First Beach Walk

The afternoon brought sunshine after the overnight rain. I made it to the beach for my first real post-surgery walk. Slowly gaining energy and strength. Grateful for our amazing beaches. Hope your Sunday was filled with sunshine! Best wishes, Anna