Among The Trees…

… was the title of the video that popped up on my phone today. Strange how it evoked a longing to head out and explore the forest. An hour after the video presented itself the notice, that hiking restrictions in wooded areas are now lifted in Nova Scotia, was issued. The rain we have enjoyedContinue reading “Among The Trees…”

Fox Point Beach to Diligent River

Besides my first aid kit and plenty of water I like to leave a bit of room in my backpack for my sense of adventure. Today’s beach excursion was timed carefully to see how long we would have to get past the large seaweed covered rocks on the east side of FoxPoint Beach, explore theContinue reading “Fox Point Beach to Diligent River”

Forest Bathing at Wards Falls

The forest and waterfall were calling today… Wards Falls is always a great destination. My focus today was on contrasting and comparing the various stages of wildflowers and emergence of foliage. The woodland trail was almost dried up reminding us of how much we need moisture to keep wildfires at bay. This will be theContinue reading “Forest Bathing at Wards Falls”

Video Flashback: Refugee Cove

May 18th, 2022 – my first ever hike to Refugee Cove! It was a glorious day, one year ago… I will blame this hike on planting the idea of exploring the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail. It only took a year to realize my dream and meet my personal goal.

Beach Impressions

Moody sky, unobstructed view of Five Islands and a vast beach to explore… great ingredients for a photo excursion… Happy Monday, Anna

Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

Getting home was equally exciting… Ash had her puppies early this morning! She is an awesome mom! A proper hike report (in instalments) is forthcoming. I am sorting and editing images and preparing a detailed report. Thank you for your interest in achieving this very personal goal of mine! I made it, shoulders are aContinue reading “Definitely NO Walk in the Park…”

Wards Falls Springtime Hike

With the sun out we decided to try a short hike with our full packs. Gaby and I each carried just over 30 lbs to see how we manage. The trail was virtually deserted, sunlight illuminated our surroundings adding springtime magic. Small waterfalls were rushing toward the stream. Soon we spotted the 16th bridge andContinue reading “Wards Falls Springtime Hike”


There is a hidden private staircase leading to the beach near the “Old Man” sea stack close to Clarke Head. To get prepared for a multi-day backpacking excursion I have decided to use these 176 steps to optimize my cardio fitness. These images are from last night. I climbed the stairs twice… I am haulingContinue reading “Conditioning…”

West Advocate Red Rocks Beach

A sunny Sunday afternoon, high tide with waves gently lapping at the shore this beach is perfect for a leisurely walk. I had not been here since last fall and was surprised by the wooden breakwater no longer protecting a small beach cottage. The ultimate highlight for me are the Red Rocks near the CapeContinue reading “West Advocate Red Rocks Beach”

Sunrise Start…

The alarm rang at 4 am, picking up my friend at 4:45 and the drive to West Advocate seemed even more curvy in the dark. We arrived in good time and only waited a couple minutes before our third hiking friend rolled into the parking lot. We set out for the trailhead knowing full wellContinue reading “Sunrise Start…”

Spring Cheer

It was a bit gray in Parrsboro today but signs of flowers and leaves budding are everywhere. My heart is full tonight! Thank you NSWalks for nominating me as one of the community volunteers contributing to life in Cumberland County. I just returned home from an evening of celebration, meeting other volunteers and shaking handsContinue reading “Spring Cheer”

Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island

With a chance of rain in the forecast we decided to defy the weather man and head to Spencer’s Island as the tide was on the way out. This beach is the most colourful beach in the area. The closer we got to the “point” and the island the more colourful the rocks seemed toContinue reading “Gentle Beach Hike at Spencer’s Island”


Walking across Two Islands Bridge today as the water rushed from the Aboiteau into the inner harbour… make sure you turn up your volume! Love the foamed surface and blue sky overhead. Check back tomorrow when I post images of another beach excursion. Heading to Spencer’s Island tomorrow afternoon as the tide goes out. SeeContinue reading “Forceful…”

Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!

It was a little breezy today… check out the second image above. In fact it was so windy that no matter how we leaned into the wind we remained upright! 😊 Our destination this afternoon was the back beach of Partridge Island. But my suspicion came true: the low tide level was just not lowContinue reading “Spring “Breezes” won’t hold us back!!”

First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“

We met via Facebook last year: a prospective visitor the Parrsboro Shore looking for a guide to navigate the highest tides in the world! The official listed businesses she contacted didn’t respond, some FB comments suggested she better not plan on coming if she didn’t understand the tides… I sent a private Message and offeredContinue reading “First Client of the Season: Mission “Rockhound“”

Thomas Cove, Part Three

All good things come in threes… at least that’s what my grandmother used to say. The sun beckoned today and I could not stay inside. So, back to Thomas Cove, I went with my friend Robyn. It was time for checking trails for the third time this week😃 The tide was rolling in, the windContinue reading “Thomas Cove, Part Three”

Cape d’Or Never Disappoints!

It was grey, we had some snow but the closer we got to Cape d’Or the more blue sky appeared! We hiked in on the main road (somewhere during the planning stages I misunderstood that we would be exploring the woods…😜). Instead we had an uphill hike both ways… excellent for conditioning for more strenuousContinue reading “Cape d’Or Never Disappoints!”