Snowshoeing 101: Hitting the Trail

I left off with this image yesterday. Today I want to cover just a few basics to help you feel more confident once boots and snowshoes are securely fastened to your feet. If this is your first time on snowshoes look for fairly flat terrain. With your trekking poles for balancing support try and slowlyContinue reading “Snowshoeing 101: Hitting the Trail”

Afternoon Adventure in the Rain

I am sure everyone has a spot in the town or village they reside in that could use some attention. I have been walking past a popular teenage hangout on a wooded hill almost daily for two years now. It’s tolerable in the summer when the bushes and trees are in full foliage but onceContinue reading “Afternoon Adventure in the Rain”

Contemplative Walk

The light mid-morning was beautiful as I set out for a short walk through the Winter Wonderland, otherwise known as Parrsboro. I focused on familiar landscape transformed by the Christmas Day snowfall. I hope you enjoyed my Boxing Day walk. It was refreshing to venture out after two days in and out of the kitchenContinue reading “Contemplative Walk”

Storm Day

The predicted storm arrived earlier than expected. The preparations this time around involve a bit more than usual with Christmas just a couple days away. I was able to tear myself away from the kitchen for a little while to make my way to Ottawa House Beach. I am so glad I got outside… TheContinue reading “Storm Day”

Perfect Weather…

…to test some recently acquired gear. It’s been quite wet here in Parrsboro along the Fundy shore. Today the weather wasn’t too sure what to do. There was a bit of snow first thing but the rain was creating some interesting melt patterns. By the time I had my pack assembled and changed into weatherContinue reading “Perfect Weather…”

Maple Leaves Forever…

I was going through my images today and maple leaves through the seasons caught my eye. Maple leaves hold my attention and whether I admire their glowing colour during autumn or a single specimen past it’s prime and half-buried in snow, maple leaves are always worth taking note of. Wishing you all a wonderful andContinue reading “Maple Leaves Forever…”

Throughout the day…

It was another chilly and breezy morning but the light was truly magical. We set the tone with a brisk walk… and everything falls into place after some fresh morning air. We experienced a little big of everything and were even treated to blue sky this afternoon. A weather system is on its way butContinue reading “Throughout the day…”

Near Sunset

The tidal river at the bottom of our backyard was teeming with Canada Geese and ducks just seconds before I made the image above. No matter how carefully I try to approach it takes only one twig to snap under my foot and dozens of water birds take flight! With the large flock loudly honkingContinue reading “Near Sunset”

And just like that there is snow!

Yesterday’s wind was fierce and when we opened our eyes this morning there was snow! The sun is well above 0C now and the white stuff has nearly melted. I love these brief seasonal foreshadowing events. This snow cover won’t last long but it reminds us of what is to come. Happy Saturday! Best wishes,Continue reading “And just like that there is snow!”

Witnessing the Tide Come In

The weather today was warm and dry, perfect for taking my friend out for a belated birthday beach excursion. Phinney Green is always a great place to listen to the waves and watch the tide roll in. The light was soft and magical… …and the blue sky emerged with high tide early afternoon. Wishing everyoneContinue reading “Witnessing the Tide Come In”

A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…

Two years ago we explored this area for the first time. It was our first day out of quarantine (remember those days?). We donned our masks and drove down shore to see what the Fundyshore has to offer. The image above was taken this morning while reflecting on our great life here for the pastContinue reading “A Glorious Pre-Halloween Saturday…”

Busy Spiders…

Those who know me well remember that I don’t carry a particular fondness for spiders… in the house. This year our autumn just continues to surprise us with warm temperatures and the outdoor spiders have been busy! I decided to share a few of the images I gathered over the past month. Enjoy and allContinue reading “Busy Spiders…”

It’s a real treat…

…to live in the area labelled: the wild blueberry capital of Canada. When we moved here we had no idea what these brightly coloured fields lining the roads were all about. Two years and a few days ago we travelled toward our destination ooohing and aaahing about the glowing reds guiding us toward Parrsboro. WeContinue reading “It’s a real treat…”

Marsh Bubbles…

The marsh near Partridge Island sits on top of ancient basalt beds. With each tide cycle we witness tiny bubbles emerging from the porous rocks. Ancient indigenous legends tell us that the spots where the water bubbles are Glooscap’s Grandmother’s Cooking Pots. No matter how often I witness this phenomenon I never grow tired ofContinue reading “Marsh Bubbles…”

Treasure Hunt…

…on a frosty morning! Yes, this was the first frost we have encountered this fall. And a glorious walk followed. The sun was up and rapidly warming the landscape. The jewel-like ice crystals surrounding leaves and flowers melted quickly but not until I had time to explore nature’s gifts. Hope your Monday presented you withContinue reading “Treasure Hunt…”