When the Sun Shines in November…

…you visit a favourite place!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. The slippery roads from early morning dried up with the warm sunshine and the ice-covered plants and weeds quickly recovered from their frosty kisses. With a day off from commitments we were free to explore without time restraints. Our destination: Cape d’Or.

We visited the Cape a little over a year ago for the first time and it was a blustery day. What a treat to take in the vistas on a bright sunny and warm day this November!

It’s never busy at the beaches and tourist destinations this time of the year. We parked the car and made our way down to the light house and adjacent buildings.

I was keen to try out my new iPhone camera and it did not disappoint! I am truly amazed by the iPhone 13 ProMax’s zoom and macro capabilities. In the past I would not have been able to get details like the one of the actual Cape d’Or seastack or bringing Isle Haute into focus. I am thrilled to have given the camera this initial tough test and it yielded amazing photos.

The tide was just turning when we arrived and we were able to witness the waves crashing against the basalt rocks below on the rugged beach.

The wind was gentle and moved the illuminated grass blades along the cliff edge just enough to catch my eye to give the camera another challenge which it passed to satisfaction.

As the water levels rose we witnessed the force of the Dory Rips below. What are Dory Rips? I have included the content of the information board provided as it explains them very well.

Cape d’Or was first sighted and recorded by Samuel de Champlain. The golden cliffs drew his attention and were explored for copper but operation of the mine ceased in 1905.

One last look toward Cape Split and we were ready to leave Cape d’Or to head to the beach… check back tomorrow for some beach impressions. Enjoy the rest of your day! Best wishes, Anna

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