West Advocate Driftwood Beach

I promised you beach images… and beach images you shall get. After Cape d’Or it is only a short drive into Advocate Habour, and when you follow the road through this quaint fishing village, past the pier and the renowned Wild Caraway Restaurant toward Apple River (don’t you just love the names?) you will soon arrive at the sign directing you to Driftwood Beach.

Depending on the tides Isle Haute seems to move from the point where it feels like I can touch it when I reach out to the opposite, where it feels like it is miles from the shore and it will take hours to reach it by boat.

Thursday the tide was on its way in and the island appeared much further away than I expected. Once we parked the car and accessed the beach via the ramp the visitor has a choice: Turn left and explore Driftwood Beach or turn right toward the red rocks.

I moved straight ahead and approached the shoreline. The surf was calling me and as the sound of the waves washed over me I noticed some kelp at my feet where the waves met the pebbly shore.

I was still in “trying out the new camera” mode. Bending down to capture the wet folds and sensual curves of the kelp against the foamy waves with bright sunshine providing the perfect lighting for the images rewarded me with these luscious images. Once again I am so pleased with the latest edition of the iPhone camera. What a privilege to learn its functions and capabilities in this rich environment.

Emboldened by the new camera and encouraged by the lovely weather I turned right and headed toward the red rocks.

Stay tuned, tomorrow will bring the next installment of images captured of the rocks with my new iPhone. I discovered details along the way I had missed previously… I will share those treasures here tomorrow.

The Cliffs of Fundy Geopark is being honoured today as one of the winners of the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Awards for 2021. The award will be presented in Parrsboro at the Bandstand and the event is scheduled to run from noon till 3 pm. I am attending the event as an artist and will try to get some pictures to share here on Monday!

Enjoy your Saturday! Best wishes and please, keep your fingers crossed that we won’t be rained on during the festivities, Anna

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