I struggle for words…

…all I can do is shake my head and ask: What is wrong with individuals?

We were on our way home from Joggins and Menudie after navigating Hardscrabble Road. I was still revelling in vivid memories of history, the hardships of our ancestors while at the same time appreciating the natural beauty we experienced following the coastal road.

We passed through Southampton, crossed the Bumblebee Bridge (yes, that is what the sign says…) when I suggested we take a left turn onto Athol Road. We have noticed the road every since we moved here but never took the time to explore where it might lead us.

We travelled through forested terrain, much of it logged and therefore not very inspiring. Suddenly we passed an unsightly plot adjacent to the road. Was it a municipal dump? An appliance selvage location? We actually turned the car around to investigate. As soon as we stopped it became abundantly clear that this unsightly spot along the road was an ordinary dumping ground for appliances, children’s toys, old tires and other unwanted items… To make matters worse, across the road the wooded area was littered with old chesterfields, chairs, tables and other additional household items. Who started this mess? An why? Could it have been sheer laziness…n

We were absolutely speechless, at a loss! Only about 1 km beyond this improvised garbage dump were houses that, as it turns out, belong to the town of Springhill. I am still reeling from this ugly discovery that overshadowed our beautiful coastal vistas experience. Whatever happened to recycling, repurposing and responsibly discarding unwanted appliances and furniture? I have found old cars, car parts and household items during my mushroom hunting adventures last summer… but this Athol Road discovery calls for action.

Sorry to insert such horrible images into this blog. After honouring the beauty of the Bay of Fundy for nearly seven months I could not ignore what was hidden in plain sight along a well-travelled road between communities…

Recycle responsibly! Best wishes, Anna

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