Hardscrabble Road

No, I didn’t make it up… Hardscrabble Road is real. To access Hardscrabble Road we backtracked from the Joggins Fossil Centre through town and took the turn which was well signed.

Hardscrabble Road hugs the Fundy coastline till it connects with Cove Road and you have a choice to carry on to Menudie or turn toward River Hebert. Our stop at the Hardscrabble Road Memorial was rewarded with a detailed storyboard and the actual nine gravestones discovered in August 2017 in the outcroppings of the cliff we stood on. The name of the memorial says it all…

… the bare trees and exposed location further punctuate the difficulties local families had to endure to carve out a living not so long ago. One cannot help but conjure up images and people’s stories that touch the heart and invite a moment of contemplative reflection.

We continued on the road toward Menudie, a small community my husband’s family can trace its ancestors from Ireland to. We plan to visit the School House Museum once life returns to a more regular model, the way it used to be…

Tuesday Blessings, Anna

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