Snowshoe Destination: FoxPoint Beach

Last Friday was another glorious day in the Bay of Fundy. It definitely called for an extended outing. I packed the snowshoes, just in case and was glad to have them handy when the road approach turned out to be too slushy to drive. Snowshoes were the best solution to make headway though the woods and downhill to the beach.

It’s always an exhale moment when I emerge onto this vast beach. It takes a moment to absorb it all: the water, the blue sky, billowing white clouds and the sound of waves rushing onto the pebble beach. I feel at home here!

Low tide is my favourite time to visit FoxPoint Beach as it provides unique opportunities to walk among rock formations fully immersed during higher tide levels. This stretch of beach was one I had not explored before and new discoveries awaited.

The view of Cape Split never disappoints either! It felt so close last Friday, I wanted to reach out and touch it…

This outing set the tone for the weekend. I was able to soak up some warming sun rays in anticipation of colder weather and snow. I was grateful for the time spent exploring in the sunshine!

Wishing you all a fabulous Tuesday! Best wishes, Anna

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