Diligent River Beach

Last Thursday gifted us with sun and blue sky, the perfect conditions to lure me outside. I was thankful for my -40C rated winter coat as the breeze was very chilly.

Ever the optimist, when setting out for this beach excursion, I was hoping for the wind to die down as we made our way closer to the beach but it wasn’t meant to be. The trail was covered in iced-over snow and cleats were necessary.

We even had to walk around a large evergreen downed during one of the winter storms. Once we arrived at the salt marsh I knew that we would be rewarded soon…

One cannot help but exhale fully to let go of the world’s troubles after emerging from the walk though the woods. What a view! Ahhhhh….

The beach presented its familiar treasures which always add enjoyment for the senses.

And this time the cliffs demanded closer inspection of its hidden treasures, impressive icicles that were dripping and sparkling in sunlight reaching into their cool caves.

The hike out through the woods back to the car was equally inspiring. The light was intriguing with winter-bare trees reaching high out of the snow toward the azure sky.

Much too soon we reached the car but once we closed the doors it became clear how chilly this outing really was.

Thanks for tuning in today. Enjoy your Sunday. Stay safe, gather your loved ones around you and give them a longer hug as the peace of so many has been shattered. Best wishes, Anna

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